Table Coverings and Table Toppers

Table Coverings <span>and Table Toppers</span>

Table Coverings and Table Toppers in Indianapolis

Several elements go into setting up a trade show display. You need banners, lighting, kiosks and more. One feature that can sometimes get overlooked, however, is the tabletop display. Adding a custom table covering will complete your branded appearance and give additional color to your entire setup.

If you’re looking to use a personalized table topper in your restaurant, at your event or for your trade show display, SpeedPro North Indianapolis is available for you. As a nationwide leader in large-format graphics, our team is dedicated to making sure your brand is effectively displayed for all of your appearances, no matter how big or small. Custom table coverings for businesses are available around the counties of Hamilton, Marion and Boone — contact our studio right away to begin the customization process.

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Why Your Indianapolis Business Needs Personalized Table Toppers?

Trade show displays are typically the most popular events where table coverings or runners are used, but many other businesses and industries will find a use for branded coverings. Schools and universities setting up for an open house or event that requires registration, for instance, will find a significant purpose for table toppers. Having your university’s mascot, sorority’s letters or club symbol represented in large print for visitors to see upon arrival will encourage more people to visit your table for information.

Real estate agencies can use these personalized table toppers too, whether for their agency or for individual agents. Set a few up at a model home to welcome onlookers and visitors, or set some up in your personal office to provide in-depth information.

Restaurant owners can effectively create an immersive atmosphere and environment with restaurant table toppers. Expand upon the theme of your restaurant, play around with the color scheme and add some additional branding to create a clean, attractive look for your diners to appreciate.

Any table display can gain an enhanced appearance and excel at brand promotion by featuring a customized table covering.

What Business Table Toppers Are Available?

At SpeedPro North Indianapolis, you’ll find a few options to meet your particular table covering requests. Choose a throw or runner that fits your display needs, including several types like:

  • Convertible
  • Fitted
  • Imprinted
  • Printed
  • Stretched

A fitted business table topper forms to the exact dimensions and shape of your display table, while a stretched table topper can be pulled around to create an indented look around the legs of your table. You’ll also have the option of full- or economy-sized table coverings. The full coverage drapes across the front and back of your table. An economy covering, on the other hand, leaves space on the backside of the table, providing room to sit and store items.

Custom Table Coverings for Businesses in Indianapolis

No matter where you’re planning on setting up a display, SpeedPro is here to help you present and emphasize your brand promotion. Contact us today, and we’ll send you a free quote for your custom design.

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