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Vehicle Graphics in Indianapolis

It’s pretty easy to customize a car and create the look you’ve always dreamed of. You get to pick from a variety of colors and can add bumper stickers, redo the hubcaps, order a fancy license plate, add racing stripes and so on. What you may not know, however, is that you can also do this for your business in a similar fashion.

Custom auto graphics for your vehicle are a specialty at SpeedPro North Indianapolis. We know how to capture your brand’s essence in the form of a vinyl graphic to apply to your car. This strategy makes advertising for your business or organization easy, quick and effective!

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Cover Your Car in Vinyl Graphics

Whether you want to add your branded graphic to your window, driver door or back trunk, we have you covered. Our range of graphics is totally customizable to your needs and preferences. Some options include:

If you feel unsure about which options to choose for your vehicle, don’t worry! Our skilled team at SpeedPro North Indianapolis can properly identify what will most effectively share your brand with the most people.

Perforated Film

Perforated film can be placed on your side and back windows. Because of its dimming nature, it’s best not to apply it on the front windshield — you don’t want your main vision source blocked during driving. The small perforations allow light to seep in so that looking out of the window is doable. The effect is that you can’t look in from the outside, so the image is boldly displayed without being disrupted by light or shadow.

Window Clings

Window clings are lighter and thinner material. They’re also easily removable, making them the perfect choice for temporary branding needs. Available in white or clear cling film, you can print whatever graphic you’d like to display in colors as bright and crisp as you envision. These window clings can be small enough to fit in the lower corner of your passenger window or big enough to span across the entire back windshield.

Vinyl Car Decals

Vinyl decals are another option for custom auto graphics. They can adhere to any part of your car in a variety of finishes, like smooth, matte or satin. Decals have a durable lifespan and can last for years, depending on the adhesive you choose to pair them with. The one factor to keep in mind is that while the decal itself will feature fade-resistant ink, the paint on your car may fade around it. Once the decal is removed, you might see the contrast in paint surrounding the area.

Custom Vehicle Lettering

Finally, SpeedPro offers the option for custom vehicle lettering. It is available in many of the same formats, such as window clings and graphics — the only difference is that you’re promoting your brand through typography versus an image. Vehicle lettering is perfect for displaying your business’s name, slogan, details and contact information. This visual solution will draw attention with its clear and concise font and high-quality ink.

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Whether you’re looking for a lot of decals for your car or just one large window cling, SpeedPro North Indianapolis is ready to make your dream into a visual reality that stuns and attracts potential customers for years to come. Our commitment to creating the perfect branding technique for our partners is what keeps us constantly working and expanding our own business.

If you’d like to start decorating your vehicle for promoting your business outside the office, contact us today, and set up a personal consultation!

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