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Wall Coverings in Indianapolis

Many of us remember how our childhood bedrooms looked — messy at times, sure, but the walls were always covered. Whether you had old-school wall trim, movie posters, framed photos or even hanging tapestries, there was something placed on your wall.

This covering wasn’t just for decoration. You likely had your walls decorated to represent your interests and likes — to reflect your personality and make you feel comfortable. So why can’t the same be said for your business or office building?

Commercial wall coverings function the exact same way in representing who you are as a company, and they contribute to creating a welcoming and comfortable experience for your customers and guests.

If your business would like to add to your office by creating custom wall coverings, contact SpeedPro North Indianapolis! We’ll create the eye-catching solutions you need to better brand your business.

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Interior Wall Coverings for Your Office

Whether you’re going for lavish illustrations or simple framed works, SpeedPro has you covered. With our combined 16 years of experience in printing, we know what visual options work best for your space. Choose from a variety of custom wall coverings, such as:

  • Backlit graphics
  • Fabric wall coverings
  • Stretched canvases
  • Wall murals

Backlit Graphics

Backlit graphics can be used in conjunction with lighting features. These graphics are images we craft with our bold and vivid inks that are then placed into frames to be hung up. Light fixtures placed behind or above will spotlight these images, enhancing their appearance while also conveniently attracting attention to what’s being displayed.

We also print onto fabric that can be hung or pinned to your wall. Whether you’re looking for a full feature like a tapestry or a smaller piece similar to a table topper, our team will design and cut the fabric to your preferences.

Stretched Canvases

Stretched canvases can be a great commercial wall covering as well. Your brand will be printed on a large or small canvas, which is then stretched to fit around a wooden frame. These canvases can be hung as one large, prominently displayed feature on your interior wall or as a collage of small pieces formed together.

Vinyl Wall Murals

Our most popular option for wall coverings is our murals. They’re large vinyl graphics that are placed on your wall with adhesive. This option is the most durable and long-lasting one, as most adhesives used can last up to seven years and become more permanent the longer they remain intact. Wall murals are perfect solutions for featuring in a busy lobby area or common conference room, where they’ll stand out and be seen by large numbers of people.

BIG and BOLD Interior Wall Coverings

If you want to create an atmosphere in your office that represents your company and reinforces the products and reputation of your work, get in touch with us today! Our team in Indianapolis will creatively and effectively identify the wall coverings necessary for your office that will encourage customer connections. Reach out today to schedule a consultation!

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