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Are you working to create an interactive and enjoyable corporate event for your professional employees and guests, but aren’t quite sure how to dress up such a vast space? Or maybe you’ve recently rebranded and the graphics from last year’s party won’t work with your color scheme or advertising. Enjoying a successful and well-branded event is much easier than you may think, especially with the right team working behind the scenes to create your event graphic designs.

SpeedPro Portsmouth is the creative team for you — so much so that we often view ourselves as being an extension of your marketing team. When you need a large-format graphics provider to assist you in your event design, our team of marketers and designers is the match for you. Your event will feature eye-catching graphics with a well-branded message.

If your company or organization is located within Boston, Portland or the areas of Southern Maine and the coast of New Hampshire, visit our studio today. We’ll gladly match you with the graphics you need to create a memorable event.

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What Are the Most Popular Custom Event Graphic Designs?

Installing bright, fade-resistant graphics for your event can create a dynamic, exciting and fun experience for everyone in attendance.

Our team at SpeedPro is dedicated to creating the perfect event graphics that allow you to become the center of your community. Mix and match several corporate event graphics, including:


The versatility and variety found within banners enable them to be a perfect design accessory. Customize a street-wide banner to hang near a streetlight intersection, promoting your event in advance to create excitement from community members. Install some banners inside your event space to add color and continue the brand promotion throughout the occasion.

Wayfinding Signage

Directional signage is one of the most helpful graphic designs you can display at your event. Post a few signage features outside to assist with day-of parking and lead attendees up to your registration and sign-in area. Inside, ensure guests know where presentations are being held and how to work their way through the event venue. Reducing any confusion and frustration will add to the excitement and enjoyment surrounding your big corporate event, which is exactly what you want if you’re trying to encourage people to think positively about your business.

Enhanced Design and Printing for Corporate Event Graphics in Portsmouth

SpeedPro Portsmouth is more than ready to become a second marketing team for your business. Contact us right away to schedule a consultation, where we’ll plan out all of your branding designs and get you started on a new level of promotional success.

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