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Fleet Wraps in Portsmouth, NH

If you’re the owner of a trucking company or van delivery service, this customization process is the one for you. When you own a group of vehicles all responsible for the same task, it only makes sense to make them look like a team, matching them with one another. The worst thing you could do would be to send three vans to cater an event and have them all look different. If they don’t have the same branded look, it could confuse the people receiving your service. It could also limit the outreach and promotion you should be doing for your company.

With vehicle fleet wraps, you can make sure all your vehicles have the same branded look for the ultimate exposure and visibility. You’ll look professional and included in a team with custom fleet wraps added to each truck or van under your command. At SpeedPro Portsmouth, we’ll make sure to pair your business with the perfect coverage that has the best design.

Companies in the areas surrounding Coastal New Hampshire, Southern Maine and the Boston and Portland areas should contact us immediately to begin crafting custom fleet designs.

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How Do You Choose the Best Custom Fleet Wraps?

Think of the times you’ve been driving down the highway or a busy street and saw multiple trucks passing by. Where do you often look to see who they are or what they’re shipping? Do you check out the long side panels? Maybe you read the back of a truck’s double doors? Or what if the truck is behind you — are you looking in your rearview mirror to see what’s on the front hood over the engine?

All of these spaces are key areas to cover with vehicle wraps. SpeedPro Portsmouth gives you options to decorate your vehicles with features such as:

Your custom fleet wraps will catch the eye of just about every driver on the road, instantly peaking their curiosity.

Full and Partial Vinyl Vehicle Fleet Wraps

Cast and calendar vinyl can be used to attractively wrap your vehicle along flat side panels and around bolt-ridden edges.

For the best coverage, you’ll need to decide between full and partial fleet wraps. A full wrap will cover all of the essentials for maximum brand promotion — the front hood, side panels, truck doors and back haul doors. A partial wrap will cover specified areas of your vehicle, whether that’s only the windows and back door or just the side panels. Meet with our team of designers to identify which coverage plan works best for your branding needs.

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No matter how big or small your vehicle fleet is, SpeedPro is here for you. Visit our showroom to see what options are available, or call us today to request a free quote for your custom design.

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