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You may think of canvas as a favorite material for painters, but it’s also a useful material for printers. As a naturally durable material with a high-end look, canvas is the perfect choice for many individuals and businesses who want their graphics to be treated like works of art. SpeedPro studios offer canvas options for some printed products, so whether at your office, a trade show or an outdoor event, you can show off your custom imagery on this versatile material.


The etymology of the word “canvas” can be traced back to the Latin word for hemp, “cannabis,” which stands to reason, as the earliest types of canvas were made from tightly woven strands of hemp. Canvas became popular during the Italian Renaissance in the 16th century, when it was made from linen. Over the years, canvas has remained a popular material for its strength and versatility. From ship sails and shoes to tents and more, canvas has found its way into many different industries.

Whatever materials are used to make it, the tight, plain weave and rough, durable feel remain the distinguishing characteristics of canvas. Some modern canvas is still made from linen, but cotton tends to be a more popular choice today since it is more affordable. Cotton canvas is commonly referred to as “cotton duck.” Whether linen or cotton, modern canvas typically includes polyvinyl chloride (PVC), as well.

Canvas Banner Material Has Multiple Uses for Signage

In the printing world, canvas is a useful material for everything from a stretched-gallery wrap to an outdoor table throw. Printers can use the process of dye sublimation to press inks into the canvas material. Canvas takes ink well, so your graphics will appear sharp and vivid. Canvas works for both indoor and outdoor settings, so the printing applications are nearly endless.


SpeedPro Premier has the materials and expertise to create a range of canvas displays. We carry different types of canvas from several different manufacturers. These canvas types vary in weight and their ideal application. Some options are made from cotton, while others are made from polyester or a blend of both cotton and polyester. Outdoor canvas is treated to withstand the elements.

Rather than technical specifications regarding the material itself, most people are interested in what different types of displays are made from canvas. Let’s look at a few common types of displays where canvas is an option:


Banners are one of the most popular and most diverse display types. Banners can be hung up at the corners by grommets, installed on light poles, or displayed on tabletops or the floor via stands, such as spring-back or retractable banner stands. Banners are a great way to get your audience’s attention, whether you’re promoting a sale, a grand opening or other event or simply showing off your branding.

Banners are available in a wide range of materials, including vinyl, mesh, display poly, oxford fabric, polyester film and more. If you plan to display a banner outside, you’ll want to select a fabric designed for outdoor use. Custom canvas banners are perfect for outdoor use. You can choose from different finishing options depending on how you want to display your outdoor banner.


Also called gallery wrap prints, stretched canvas wall hangings can turn any space into an art gallery. These indoor signs combine rustic texture and a sharp, modern appearance to create eye-catching displays. SpeedPro can create beautiful stretched canvas signs in a variety of dimensions, including the depth of the sign. Whether you plan to cover a whole wall with a high-impact display, or you want a series of small prints that complement each other, you can create the perfect canvas display.

You can use stretched canvas signs to display custom branded graphics at your office, your retail location or an event. Individuals can also use gallery wrap prints to recreate their favorite photos or their original artwork. Giclée printing, in particular, is the perfect method to accurately reproduce photographs or artwork in a form that does justice to the original.


Custom table covers are an excellent option for elevating the look of a plain table. Any tablecloth will help to give a table a finished look, but a custom table throw with your unique graphics will also turn your table into a part of your display. Whether at a trade show, a reception, a conference, a festival or any other event, custom table throws are an elegant and effective way to show off your custom graphics.

Indoor table throws are made from polyester and either printed through dye sublimation or imprinted with vinyl graphics. Outdoor table throws are made from canvas that is wind- and water-resistant, so you can show off your full-color graphics and not worry about your display, no matter the weather. You can choose from 6- and 8-foot table options for your outdoor canvas table throw.


What are the Benefits of Canvas?

Why should you consider using canvas for your next display? Canvas has several significant advantages. These benefits include the fact that canvas is:

  1. High-End: As a timeless fabric associated with paintings, canvas is unmistakably high-end. If you’re looking for an exceptionally elegant way to display your branded graphics, a canvas sign is a great choice. Even canvas banners have a high-quality look and feel that is sure to impress your audience.
  2. Textured: Canvas has a notable woven texture which sets it apart from smoother surfaces, including other fabrics. The texture of canvas adds interest to its feel and appearance, making it look more natural. Some people may be concerned that this texture will affect the integrity of their image, but graphics and photos will look vivid and sharp on canvas.
  3. Durable: Canvas is an extremely durable material. This is especially important if you’re planning to create outdoor displays. An outdoor canvas material can withstand wind, rain and extreme temperatures without breaking down. If you want a material you can use at events over and over again or keep on display long-term, canvas is a good option to consider.
  4. Portable: Canvas is also easy to store and transport since it is lightweight. Portability is especially important to companies that exhibit at events like trade shows or fairs. In the case of canvas banners and table throws, you can roll or fold your display and transport it in a carrying bag when you’re headed to an event.
  5. Versatile: The many uses of canvas out in the world speak to the amazing versatility of canvas. From stained dropcloths on the floor of a construction site to valuable art hanging in a gallery, canvas does it all. When it comes to custom displays, canvas works for several different types of displays, both indoor and outdoor.


If you’re considering canvas for your display because you want a material that will stand up to the elements outdoors, then you may be wondering what other materials are designed for outdoor use and how they compare to canvas. Let’s take a look at some other popular materials for outdoor displays:


Many one-sided outdoor banners you’ll see are made from vinyl mesh. This material is lightweight and strong. It is porous so the wind can pass through it. Vinyl mesh tends to be a good choice for banners that people will view from a distance. Up close, they will see the transparency of the material. Vinyl mesh can be a great option, but canvas has a higher-end look and is more opaque.


Scrim vinyl is another popular substrate for banners. Unlike mesh, scrim comes in double-sided options. With the opacity, you lose the porousness, so scrim isn’t designed to let wind pass through. However, it is still a durable outdoor material. Scrim tends to cost less than mesh. Compared to canvas, since scrim is another vinyl material, it doesn’t look as high-end as canvas.


Another option for outdoor displays is to go with a more rigid sign material rather than a flexible material like canvas or vinyl. These rigid outdoor materials, such as polystyrene plastic, polycarbonate, aluminum composite panel and medium density overlay (MDO), work well for outdoor signs. However, they are not the best choice for large banner displays.


Where Can You Use Canvas Signage?

Canvas is such a versatile material, so there are many scenarios where canvas can help you get your message across or simply show off images that enhance your space. Let’s look at a few places where you can use canvas displays:


Canvas has long been a favorite material for artists, but historically, these paintings were framed. Unframed stretch canvas prints have gained popularity in the interior design world in recent years. They give a three-dimensional effect to artwork and can make your home feel like a modern art gallery. Custom canvas prints are the perfect solution for turning original artwork into a print or for making your favorite photos pop on your wall at home.


Multiple studies have shown that artwork in a workplace enriches the space and can improve employees’ productivity. With custom prints, you can choose to display artwork that is on-brand and enhances your work environment. If customers or clients come to your place of business, then they will also be impressed by your custom prints. Even canvas banners and table throws can work well indoors if your business has an emphasis on natural or rustic materials or products.


When you want to announce a grand opening, advertise a sale or get the attention of passersby on the sidewalk, an outdoor banner can help you do it. Canvas banner material will make your message stand out so you can raise brand awareness or convince people to step inside to see what you have to offer. If you’re hosting a sidewalk sale, consider an outdoor canvas table throw, which can turn any plastic table into a chic display stand for products.


Trade shows tend to be indoor events, so you may not think of canvas banners or table throws as the best option. However, if you want displays to work for both indoor and outdoor events, you can’t go wrong with canvas. Canvas gallery prints can also work as elegant displays at a trade show. These canvas signs are not a common trade show display type, so they are sure to stand out and give a sophisticated feel to your whole booth, all while showing off your custom graphics.


Community events provide an excellent opportunity for local companies to raise their visibility and attract business. Whether you’re sponsoring a charity race or selling products or services at a street fair or community festival, custom outdoor canvas prints are the perfect solution to help you represent your business well, rain or shine. Along with outdoor table covers and banners, also consider other outdoor display types, such as event tents to complete your company’s booth.


To make the most of your canvas sign, banner or table cover, you should:

  • Use vivid colors that will attract attention.
  • Use colors and fonts that match your branding.
  • Upload high-resolution images.
  • Contrast text with the background so it stands out.
  • Partner with the right printing service.

What do we mean by this last point? The right printing service is one that has expertise along with the high-quality materials and cutting-edge printing processes necessary to create amazing displays you’re proud of. Quality materials and methods also mean you’ll get a lot of use out of your display without seeing it fade and fall apart over time.


As the nation’s leader in printing a graphics, SpeedPro Premier is the partner you can trust to help you create stunning visual displays. Our staff takes an individualized approach to each and every consultation, so you can be sure your vision will be our priority. If you have questions about the best materials or processes to use, SpeedPro Premier staff will assist with their expert knowledge so you can make the best choices for your business. With canvas displays from SpeedPro Premier, you can turn your custom graphics into true works of art. Request a Consultation or quote to get started.


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