“Hollywood” – Electric On Screen Projects

What a “Star-Studded” and “Electrifying” Summer 2021 we had here at SpeedPro.   We completed a series of 6 electric vehicle transformations for an upcoming Apple TV Series called Extrapolations featuring a huge celebrity lineup.

The Initial project was to design, print and install full wraps for 2 Ford Mustang Mach-E electric vehicles into Israeli Police Cars in under 72 hours.   Mid project, we were asked to also transform 2 Harley Davidson Livewire Electric motorcycles into matching Israeli police bikes.

As a follow up to our initial work for, we were asked to transform 2 Nissan Ariya electric SUV’s into Indian Police Cars in roughly 48 hours.  These 2 vehicles were shipped to us directly from Nissan Motor Corp.  One came up from Tennessee and the other was transported all the way from California to be dressed for its performance. (Videos below of their arrival)  At the time of production, there were only a handful of these vehicles in North America.  We had 2 in our possession!  These were “fresh off the boat” and were the full Japanese models of the vehicle with electronic displays in Japanese and left-hand drive!  See completed gallery below.


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Adam S. Koppelman