Katz’s Delicatessen: Food Truck Case Study


Transform a dated, pre-owned spray painted yellow and white food truck with significant body impairments into something fitting of the brand, which is an internationally acclaimed, 133 year old iconic NYC Delicatessen.


  • Meet with client to review and measure the truck.
  • Assess the vehicle condition and design concept provided by their marketing team.


Client wanted us to do a full vehicle wrap, which after making an assessment of the truck would not be an ideal project.  There was rust, body damage, missing fenders to name a few of the concerns.

While we did quote what it would cost to do a full wrap, we educated the client on the challenges that would represent and the impact that would have on both the visuals of the graphics and the longevity of the install.


We strongly encouraged the client to take the truck to a body shop for repair and repainting.  This would be a much better foundation for their design concept, as well as help to extend the life of the vehicle and the longevity of applied graphics.  This would result in our only needing to print and install a partial wrap to bring their design elements to life.  It was the right thing for the customers project, even though it meant a smaller project for us.  We hope you agree, and if you want to “HAVE WHAT SHE’S HAVING”, give us a call for your next wrap project or click here for a consultation.


SpeedPro Imaging Services Group

Studio Owner

Adam S. Koppelman