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Wall Murals in Totowa

Adding some life and color to your lobby area or conference room is a lot easier than you may think. Even if there isn’t much there in terms of decoration, adding one simple piece could fix the issue.

Large format wall murals can perfectly capture the essence of your brand and fill up an otherwise empty-looking room, ensuring a wonderful and welcoming experience for all of your guests.

If you’re looking to add a wall mural for your business and you live in the Tri-State area, reach out to SpeedPro Imaging Totowa! We’ll work directly with you to create the image and promotional signage you need for your office. Let’s get started!

The Importance of Wall Murals

Printed wall murals do a lot more for a business than just act as a piece of decoration. Their bold nature and large stature can automatically capture the attention of anyone walking by. It’s like being in a museum — the moment you walk into one of the viewing rooms, your eyes scan the walls and fall directly onto the largest and boldest piece of artwork hanging.

In addition to gathering the attention of your guests and customers, wall murals can help set the environment and experience. If you brand your wall mural to promote elements of your business, customers will feel like they’re already involved and will be more likely to trust you in any upcoming deals or negotiations. They’ll feel welcome as opposed to clueless to what your business represents and aims to do.

You may also need to install a printed wall mural for your coworkers’ benefit. If you have a conference room that’s too bland or that you feel needs an uplifted spirit, including a wall mural to center your team’s focus could do the trick. Image walking in to close a business deal over the phone and your team is huddled by the wall mural. It can brand your business’s mission statement or the goals and successes you’ve made over the past year. Having something for your employees to look at can motivate them and increase work productivity around the office.

Vinyl Wall Murals From SpeedPro

During our consultation meeting, we’ll discuss a variety of factors, such as where the mural will be placed, who will be interacting with it the most, the dimensions of your space and what message you ultimately want to portray. Whether you need just one mural to do the trick or you’d like a few smaller pieces joined together like a collage, we’ll do whatever we can to accurately brand your business in the way you prefer.

At SpeedPro Imaging Totowa, we print our wall murals on vinyl, a material that supports our vivid and fade-resistant inks. Ensuring a long lifespan for your mural is something we value, as we know most businesses won’t want to continually add new murals to their space. Typically, our vinyl wall murals have a lifespan of up to seven years, ensuring that your business can support and welcome customers into a calming environment for years to come.

If you’d prefer something more temporary and less long-term, we can adjust the types of adhesives we apply our murals with. If you’re a company that finds yourself rebranding often or you have plans to move soon, we’ll deliver a mural that suits those needs.

Large Format Printer in Totowa

Whether you’re looking to welcome guests into your lobby or motivate employees during business deals, a large format wall mural may be exactly what you’re looking for. Stop by our studio today to learn more about our printed wall murals, and we’ll sign you up for a one-on-one consultation to learn the specifics of your brand. Let’s get designing!

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