10 Benefits of Using Removable Wall Graphics

DECEMBER 13, 2021| SpeedPro Dayton


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If you want an unconventional way of incorporating art or practical signage into your business’s interior or exterior space, consider removable wall graphics. These graphics can come in the form of decals, clings or window graphics. Wall graphics can be made to last for a long time or can be made with lower-grade adhesives for the perfect temporary solution.

Wall graphics, also called wall coverings, offer many unique advantages, including an opportunity to spruce up your office space and communicate important messages. In this post, we’ll look at 10 benefits that removable wall graphics provide.

Why You Should Use Removable Wall Graphics [infographic]


The first of many reasons to use wall graphics is that they can reinforce your brand. Your company has likely put a great deal of thought into your brand. It encompasses your company’s name and logo as well as what you do and what you stand for. You want to make sure employees and customers alike are immersed in your brand when they visit your place of business. And this immersion should be colorful. One study found that color can increase people’s brand recognition by up to 80 percent.

Typical wall coverings, whether they be wallpaper or paint along with some wall hangings, don’t provide you with much of an opportunity to reinforce your brand. Wall graphics, on the other hand, offer a tremendous opportunity to feature your brand. It may be a large graphic of your company’s logo or your slogan. You can also feature other aspects of your branding, such as your company’s mission statement or core values. You may even want to include pictures that relate to what your business does.

In some cases, you may want these graphics to be semi permanent features, but there are also times when more temporary graphics make sense. For instance, you may want to feature a special anniversary logo for a time, or you may want to feature one of your company’s core values on the wall each month. Removable wall graphics offer a wealth of opportunities to reinforce your brand in a way people can’t miss.


Have you ever been to a store or restaurant downtown where you were delighted to see photographs of favorite sites in the city, historical events that took place there or a map of Main Street? Small wall graphics and large wall murals are the perfect way to represent the community where your business operates.

If your business has multiple locations or is a franchise operation, you want to make sure each of your locations is grounded in the local community. A great way to show customers you understand and care about the local area is to incorporate custom wall graphics of community sites into the décor.

Removable wall graphics that are intended to be more temporary are a great solution if you want to change out these pictures. That way, customers can look forward to something new and interesting when they come by your business. You could also use removable wall graphics to show off the logo of a local sports team you’re sponsoring this season or a local event you’re sponsoring next month. There are lots of ways you can use wall graphics to help connect with members of your community.

Wall Coverings Create A More Attractive Environment


No matter what type of business you’re in, if customers or clients visit your place of business, then you want to put your best foot forward with an environment that’s attractive. Trading plain walls in for walls covered in colorful graphics is an excellent way to bump up the appearance in your business. Consider a couple of examples of what a difference this could make.

If you’re in the fashion business, whether you own a clothing boutique, hair salon or accessories store, you want every square inch of your space to exude style. You want people to walk over the threshold of your store and feel like they’ve come to the perfect place to buy their next outfit or get their hair done. You can do this by incorporating creative wall graphics of art prints or photos of models featuring your styles as a part of your décor.

If you’re in healthcare, whether a dentist, chiropractor, optometrist or general doctor’s office, you want your patients to feel at ease when they’re in your waiting room and exam rooms. Many people experience anxiety when visiting medical offices, and a bland, sterile environment is likely to contribute to the problem. Eye-catching graphics on the wall, however, can provide a welcomed distraction and make them feel more at comfortable. No matter what type of business you run, you want the people who visit to enjoy the environment.


Bland work environments can cause employees to feel disengaged at work. Disengagement is the enemy of productivity. Art in the workplace is known to boost employees’ productivity. Multiple studies have demonstrated the fact that most employees care about the aesthetics of their work environment and that it has a direct impact on the way they feel and perform at work.

Traditional forms of artwork, such as framed pictures, can become so commonplace after a while, though, that they fade into the background. If you really want to keep employees engaged, incorporate artwork in the form of wall graphics that you change out periodically. What better way to start a new work week than to be surprised with a beautiful new graphic on the wall when you come in?

By using customizable graphics, you also can create unique artwork that reflects your company’s culture and motivates your employees. For example, if you’re a nonprofit that helps economically disadvantaged mothers, you can provide beautiful art and inspiration for your company’s mission by displaying a photograph of a mother and her new baby. Whatever your business does, employees need an enriching environment to boost their mood and encourage productivity, and wall graphics can help you achieve that.


You may be thinking you can achieve many of the same advantages that wall graphics offer with painted wall murals. This is true to an extent, but painted murals don’t afford you the option to change out the image periodically like wall graphics do. What’s more, painting a mural is a rather long and challenging process, even for experienced artists.

You may be able to provide some visual appeal without going so far as to commission a mural, of course. You could paint or wallpaper your walls to bring in some colors or patterns. Even regular paint jobs and applying wallpaper, however, are difficult DIY projects if you want them to look professional and can be expensive if you hire a contractor.

Wall graphics are easy to install

You won’t run into any of these problems with a removable wall graphic. They’re easy to install. In most cases, it’s as simple as peel and stick. Even if you’re covering a whole wall, by taking measurements of the wall and having your graphic printed at the correct size ensures that the installation process will be as simple as getting one side straight and then applying the graphic to the wall all the way across.


Wall graphics are easy to install and easy to maintain. If you have framed pictures around your home or office, you know how quickly they collect dust. And dusting them often means you end up having to take the pictures down before returning them to the wall and straightening them.

Wallpaper and painted walls can also be difficult to clean. When scuff marks or stains get on painted walls, they’re difficult to clean without taking the paint off the wall. On wallpaper, stains can often become permanent.

In contrast, wall decals are very easy to clean. They are typically made of vinyl and have a protective layer that can easily be wiped off with a wet rag or even a soapy non-scratch cloth if need be. So, if a scuff or spill marks up your wall covering, one swipe can take care of it. And since wall graphics are two-dimensional, they won’t pick up dust.

Removable Wall Graphics Won't Damage Your Walls


So, wall graphics are easy to install and easy to clean, but what about when it comes time to take them off? After all, if you’re taking advantage of the way removable wall graphics can be changed out for updated messages and looks, you want to make sure the removal process is simple and doesn’t cause damage to your walls.

The good news here is that wall graphics can be removed easily. In some cases, it may be as easy as lifting a corner and peeling the graphic right off the wall. In other cases, you may need to apply some heat. Whatever the case, removable wall coverings are made to come off at some point, so you don’t have to worry about needing to scrape it away in small pieces. It should lift right off.

You also don’t need to worry about wall graphics damaging your walls. Again, they’re made to come off, so your walls will be unharmed by the graphic’s removal. The worst you might have to deal with is a light residue from the adhesive, which will easily wash away.


One possibly unexpected advantage of wall coverings is that they can be used indoors and outdoors as well. We’ve mostly focused on using wall graphics on indoor walls because this is more common, but wall graphics can also be an excellent way of adding interest or communicating messages via your building’s exterior walls.

Window graphics are designed to go on glass windows and doors, which, if they’re double-sided, can be seen from inside and outside your building. Other wall graphics are made to cling to rougher outdoor surfaces, such as brick or concrete walls. These graphics are made to be extra durable so they can stand up to the elements and still look great.

Outdoor graphics allow you to advertise to passersby without having to pay another party for advertising space. This saves you money and enables you to inspire people to check out your business while they’re right there standing in front of it. All they have to do is step inside. Since removable wall graphics are temporary, you can let people know about a sale or event that may get them to come inside now or some time soon.

Removable Wall Graphics Are Perfor For Temporary Messages


Speaking of sales and events, one of the significant advantages of wall graphics is that they’re an excellent way of advertising temporary messages. Whereas some messages and images, like your company’s logo or mission statement, remain relevant until your company rebrands, messages regarding special promotions, events or seasonal product lines are temporary.

This is where removable wall graphics can provide the perfect means of marketing these temporary messages. For example, if your store is getting ready to hold its big semi-annual sale, you can build anticipation by putting a wall graphic announcing the upcoming sale on the outside of your store as well as on inside walls.

If you’re going to hold a free seminar on how to become a yoga instructor at your gym, why not include an eye-catching graphic on the walls of your workout rooms letting your members know about the upcoming seminar? A large-format graphic on the wall is sure to attract more attention than a poster or flyer stuck to a bulletin board.


You want customers and clients at your place of business to have no trouble finding their way around. Whether they want to get to the elevator, restrooms or lobby, you don’t want them to become flustered or confused. Wayfinding signs help direct people by letting them know where they are and where they want to go. Wall graphics work well as wayfinding signage, both for permanent and temporary purposes.

A temporary purpose would be at an event your company hosts, whether at your own building or in a rented event space. For example, if you host a conference, you’ll want to help guests, who will likely be unfamiliar with the area, know where they’re going. In this case, you won’t just want to direct them to exits, restrooms, stairs and other permanent features of the building. You’ll also want to direct them to various rooms where sessions will be held.

If your company hosts an outdoor event, consider floor graphics as a means to direct guests. Floor graphics can work both indoors and outdoors, but they’re especially helpful outdoors since you may not have walls close by where you can apply graphics. Wayfinding is essential for both permanent and temporary purposes, and you can use wall graphics for both.

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