Large Wall Art

One of the best way for photographers to showcase their artwork is through large printed wall art (i.e. canvas, wall mural, acrylic, etc.). Wall art comes in many shapes and sizes: canvas prints, wall hangings, custom wall murals, etc. At SpeedPro, we work with photographers to make sure only the highest quality prints represent their images.

High-resolution, large-format photography and graphics are the main cornerstones for creating quality large format prints for display. Most photographers shoot in high res, resulting in large files. The ideal resolution for file size when printing large wall art from a photograph is 300 DPI. However, a resolution of 100 DPI when the image is at full scale is adequate. You never want to go below 100 DPI, and above 300 DPI is generally wasted effort unless the file has been scaled down considerably.

Whether you want to duplicate your work on 20 3’x4′ canvases or on vinyl for a 20′ wall mural, SpeedPro can take your print experience to the next level. We offer turnkey printing and installation services. All you have to do is tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll help take it from there.

Types of Large Wall Art:

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