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If you’re running a campaign and gearing up your political advertising strategy, quality election signage is a must-have. Political campaign signage can spread awareness about your candidate, encourage people to vote and help to convince voters to support your candidate, among other uses.

To have an effective campaign signage strategy, you’ll need to know the types of signs you should include in your advertising efforts, when you should order signage, tips for appealing campaign signage design and the various laws that govern campaign signage.

There are a variety of different political signage options to choose from to serve different purposes.


When you’re trying to find the right kind of political campaign signs, there are a variety of options to choose from. The signs described below will serve different purposes, and you should be aware of the best ways you can use them to your advantage.


Another great location for signage is on vehicles. Decals are one of the best forms of signage supporters can add to their cars to advertise their endorsement of a candidate. These stickers can be as straightforward as the name of the candidate with their signature colors used in the background.

If you want to take it a step further, decals can be more complex, coming with more specialized designs and campaign slogans. Whatever you choose, the sticker should quickly signal support for a candidate.

These graphics are common because they are portable advertisements for candidates and allow supporters to broadcast their political identity to others. Due to their inexpensive cost and popularity among supporters, campaigns will often give them out for free or when a supporter donates.

To make sure these decals maintain their visual appeal, the manufacturer should be making the decals out of vinyl to protect them against damage. Think of all the dust and debris your car kicks up or runs into every day you drive. Presentation is everything, so you don’t want the decals you offer to fade quickly or suffer other harm. You want to present a clean, professional image of your candidate.


To go to the next level of advertising with a car, you can use a vehicle wrap that covers the body of a vehicle. In terms of ROI, vehicle wraps are a wise investment, as they offer the lowest cost per impression.

Vehicle wraps will stand out on the road, as they are eye-catching enough to grab the attention of anyone driving by. The best wraps for a candidate should incorporate dramatic messages and visually appealing, on-brand imagery. Another factor that makes these ads ideal is that the messaging on them has longevity, as they will be displaying a message every time they drive their car.


If you’re planning on throwing events or attending conferences, event graphics can be an excellent way to brand the event space and promote your candidate. As your campaign kicks up and you’re throwing rallies, coordinating fundraising parties or attending a political conference, you’ll want to make an impression on non-supporters and supporters alike.

The following are some of the best event graphics you can include at an event.

  • Tabletoppers and table coverings: If you’re having a fundraising event or have a booth at a conference, table coverings and table-toppers are excellent choices to decorate tables with. If you need to brand your booth at a conference, a table covering can make sure you stand out in the crowd and be another form of signage for your candidate.
  • Murals: When you need an attractive background, murals are an ideal choice for political campaigns. If your candidate needs to deliver a press conference or shoot video in front of it, a mural depicting your slogan, campaign colors and impactful imagery can be a branding opportunity and reflect positively on your candidate’s image.
  • Directional or wayfinding signage: Along with providing visually appealing signage, you’ll also want to provide functional signage at events. If you’re throwing an event at a larger venue, wayfinding signage is crucial. It gives people directions to the main event, bathrooms, parking and other primary locations. You want voters’ focus to be on your candidate’s message, and not on how to find what they’re looking for.
  • Banners: If you’re throwing a rally or putting together a fundraising event, vinyl banners can set the mood immediately. With options ranging from large vinyl banners that can hang over the entrance of a building to boulevard banners that can adorn a sidewalk that leads up to the event, this kind of signage can communicate the appeal of your candidate immediately. Vinyl banners will spread awareness about your candidate and get supporters excited to come to an event.




Signage is part of any successful political campaign. To pick out the best signage for your campaign, you’ll need to work with a reputable company that can help provide high-quality advertisements and eye-catching designs. With over 20 years of industry experience, Speedpro is the company to help you achieve your goals and craft eye-catching messages that help your candidate reach voters.

As the nation’s leader in large-format graphics, SpeedPro North Indianapolis is ready to handle your election sign printing needs. Contact us today for a quote or consultation.

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