Artwork Guidelines







Requirements:  Documents must be created and sent at 100% of the final sizeotherwise the scale must be specifically labeled in the file name. Colors and background images must bleed to edge of template.

Color Space:  We print in CMYK. Graphics must be created in CMYK color with 8 bits/channel. Do not use RGB. The use of RGB and other expanded color spaces will appear differently on your monitor than can be printed with our process ink system.

Vector Specification:  Fonts can vary from computer to computer. When a font is missing, the computer replaces it with a generic font. Artwork must be set-up as CMYK with all fonts outlined, and embed images.

Resolution:  Vector file formats are preferred. Raster images should be 150 DPI at 100% scale. The minimum acceptable resolution is 100 DPI at 100% scale. Images with lower resolution will look good on a monitor but will be quite soft when printed.

Vinyl Cut Graphics:  Artwork must be set up as vector files with fonts converted to outlines for all cut vinyl. Cutlines need to be created on a separate top layer in Illustrator and labeled cut line. Additional instructions can be found here: How to Add Cut Lines

Submitting Artwork Files:  FTP Upload; please submit all files on via the FILE UPLOAD button located on the black bar just below “Contact SpeedPro.” No modifications will be made to your Art Files unless specifically requested. Artwork correction, if requested, will be charged a minimum $25 per art file. Changes to ArtFiles will require an electronic Proof, possibly creating a greater Lead Time.

Pricing:  Our Quotes assume printing from print-ready files that are provided by the client, unless we have specifically Quoted Design services.


We can offer technical support in setting up files for production. We make every effort to troubleshoot potential problems but cannot be held responsible for files we do not create. This includes, but is not limited to, content, resolution of raster data or image quality of client files. In addition, we cannot assume any responsibility for poorly created files.

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