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Window Graphics are a creative way to turn ordinary glass into high impact advertising and branding tools. Windows are everywhere. Why not transform your empty windows into an attractive advertising space with dramatic, colorful window graphics that make consumers take a second look. From bright eye-catching window fronts, to elegant interior conference rooms, bold colors and powerful images grab attention and convey an impression of quality and expertise. Broadcast your brand and promotions with artistic window displays for your storefront, while professionally displaying your company identity, hours and important information for your customers.

Window graphics present businesses with a cost effective means to promote a product, convey a message or enhance your brand. Call today, and let our expert staff advise you on the many window signage options available:

  • Perforated Window Graphics
  • Window Decals
  • Solid Vinyl Translucent Window Graphics
  • Solid Vinyl Opaque Window Graphics
  • Frosted Window Film

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PERFORATED WINDOW GRAPHICS ALLOW ONE-WAY VISIBILITY.Image of perforated window graphics, installed on a store front in Zebulon, NC.

Perforated window decals (window perf) are designed to allow one-way visibility. In other words, these are window signs that allow you to see from the inside of your business to the outside, but not vice versa. Therefore, you can still advertise your store hours, business logo or brand, and promotions while seeing out of your store or restaurant. Customers approaching will be able to see the window advertisement clearly, but won’t be able to see inside. This is achieved by printing onto a perforated material with tiny holes. These perforations won’t affect the aesthetics of your window display, while creating a one way visibility that many businesses owners desire. Some of the most common applications include: Hotel Windows, Airport Windows, Doors and Windows of Retail Stores and Shopping Centers.

Image of opaque cut vinyl window decals, installed on a store front in Morrisville, NC.WINDOW DECALS ADD A PROFESSIONAL LOOK.

Window decals and contour cut vinyl lettering are printed on durable, white adhesive vinyl, giving a professional appearance to any retail or office window. These window decals are printed on white adhesive vinyl, pre-spaced, masked, and ready to apply to your window. Magic cling graphics are a great solution for temporary, reusable window signs. Our Magic Cling window decals are printed on white or clear film that is easy to install, remove and reuse with proper care. Because they are applied as a single piece, the magic cling decals can incorporate photos or other more intricate designs.

THE BOLD LOOK OF SOLID VINYL WINDOW GRAPHICS.Image of solid window graphics, installed on restaurant windows in Raleigh, NC.

Solid window graphics are a great way to advertise your brand! Window graphic panels are printed on durable, white adhesive vinyl that will give a professional look to any retail or office window for advertising or décor purposes. With our semi-permanent, opaque window decals, you can add custom graphics that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Opaque vinyl lets no light through at all and is installed on the viewing side of the window. If you prefer that the image appears on both sides of the window, then the graphics would need to be applied to each side of the glass. These window decals are easily removed when you’re ready for a new look.  Do you need to have a little light get through to the inside, then our translucent vinyl window graphics are the solution for your windows.

Image of frosted vinyl window graphics, installed as conference room privacy glass in Cary, NC.FROSTED WINDOW DECALS PROVIDE PRIVACY.

Create the illusion that glass has been frosted or etched. While not completely clear or completely opaque, frosted window films allow light and shadow through, providing both privacy as well as light. The translucent nature of frosted window films can also be used on front doors to display store hours or your company logo in a unique and upscale way. Apply frosted window vinyl at mid height to allow privacy for glass conference rooms, boardrooms, and windows inside office suites.


Window graphics can be produced to accomplish a number of advertising and promotional objectives. Whether you’re a fitness club hoping to recruit new members, a real estate development attempting to attract new tenants or a sports arena seeking to increase its ticket sales, window signage can help your business achieve greater exposure. By investing in custom window graphics, your business can experience benefits such as:

  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Show Passersby where your business is located
  • Direct Customers to the Right Entrance
  • Draw Attention to Sales and Promotions
  • Save Money on Marketing
  • Create Privacy
  • Generate Curiosity
  • Improve the Ambiance with Art



It’s important, when choosing a window graphic, to keep in mind the end use of your sign. Here are a few things to consider:

  1. How much light, if any, do you want coming through the window?
  2. Are the windows tinted?
  3. How long will the window graphic be on the window?
  4. Do you want to be able to see out of your window? If you want to be able to see out of your window, use clear window graphics or perforated window vinyl.
  5. Do you want people to be able to see in? If you do not want consumers to be able to see in, try using opaque window graphics or perforated window vinyl.
  6. Are you looking for something that’s aesthetically pleasing, but gives some privacy? If you are looking for something that is pleasing aesthetically while lending a degree of privacy, you would most benefit from frosted vinyl window graphics.
  7. Who will be installing the window graphic?
  8. For a more comprehensive look at each of the window signage options and which one to choose, take a look at our “HOW CAN I USE WINDOW GRAPHICS FOR MY BUSINESS?” blog post.

We print and install a huge variety of inside and outside window graphics to help you achieve your marketing or décor objectives. Our graphic design team will help you create an eye catching design that communicates your message to customers in a unique and effective manner. The result is a dynamic, professional marketing presentation that will help you grow your business for years to come.



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