Don’t just get a banner–get the right banner for your needs. Banners are a cost-effective solution for events, recurring meetings and temporary advertising. Display your graphics easily and affordably with eye-catching vinyl banners. Our bright and bold custom banners make a statement, whether it’s showcasing your logo, conveying important information or promoting your company’s key messages. You can feel confident that our made-to-order custom banners will exceed your expectations as far as quality, timeliness and professionalism go.   We work with a variety of materials to insure you get the right results for your needs and your budget. Indoor banners are available in a variety of materials and sizes to fit your advertising needs, offering an attractive style. Vinyl banners are portable and durable, making them perfect for indoor/outdoor advertising that is also cost-effective. Vibrant, full-color outdoor banners are also available, providing you with a quick and cost-effective solution for any outdoor event.

Get noticed with full-color banners.  Call today, and let our expert staff advise you on the many banner options available:

  • Indoor/Outdoor Scrim Vinyl Banners
  • Smooth Vinyl Banner
  • Mesh Banner
  • Fabric Banner
  • Pole Banners

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Indoor/Outdoor 13oz scrim Vinyl Banner

The Scrim Banner is the most common type and often used for one sided images. Scrim is typically used for Grommetted and Pole-pocket Banners. They are great for events that require something inexpensive. Scrim has excellent image quality and it is easy to install. When rolled up, the banner will take up very little space, and it will keep its shape during transport. When taken care of, and not exposed to harsh elements, the scrim banner can last a couple of years. When using scrim banners for Outdoor Events, keep in mind that the Scrim Banner has a temporary outdoor life. Using the Scrim indoors will preserve the material for a longer period of time. This material is Single Sided due to the bleed that appears through the material. Often times the edges tend to curl, which doesn’t appeal visually.   Another small downfall is that a visible “waffle-like” pattern can be seen throughout the material.

Smooth Banner

Smooth Banner is similar to Scrim Banner but uses a finer weaved fabric that gives it its trademark smooth finish. It also contains a ‘light-block’ layer that allows it to be used as a double-sided graphic. Smooth Banner is commonly used in banner stands or as a backdrop banner at trade shows. The Smooth Banner is stronger than fabric and lays flatter than Scrim. It also resists fraying which makes it ideal for table runners and banner stands. Its smooth appearance and texture makes for bold images. Smooth banners can be printed on both sides due to the light block layer and smooth surfaces. Although the Smooth Banner is stronger than Fabric, it is not stronger than Scrim. It is also a little more expensive than scrim. While waterproof, Smooth Banner is not constructed to withstand the wind, so it’s better used indoors.

Mesh Banner

Mesh Banner is made up of very strong, open weave material. The breaks in the material appear as tiny holes when viewing within short distance. The holes are not visible when viewed from a normal distance. The holes allow for wind to pass through the banner reducing the forces on the banner.  Mesh Banner is typically used for hanging on outdoor fences. They could also be hung outside of businesses to announce special sales or events and are recommended for large building banners. Extra Durability allows high winds to blow through the holes in the material. This is far more effective than a banner with wind slits, in which, have little effect, and are a visually unappealing. Mesh is perfect for Fence signs for the fact that it allows the wind to blow through the fence, and not blow the fence over. Mesh seldom blows out of shape or rips, which makes this material very reliable against harsh elements. Image Quality is not as good as Scrim due to the small holes in the material. Aim for a great design with larger print. Mesh, when backlit, will appear washed out.

Fabric Banner

Fabric banner offers excellent image quality and is light in weight.  It has a slight stretch and can be used in many ways. Is typically used for advertising and showcasing in doors. Fabric banner is most commonly used for Trade Show Graphics, Banners, Table Runners, Flags, and Backlit Displays. Fabric banner has gained a reputation for being a “higher end” material. There are some fabrics available that are flame resistant and that offer wrinkle free characteristics. Fabric banner is not as durable as Vinyl and can potentially rip and tear with enough force. Harsh elements can easily damage the material so it’s recommended for Indoor use only. Another factor to consider is that there’s a chance that fabric will get dirty if exposed to a high traffic area. Fabric is higher priced than its competition but offers an image that is highly desirable.

Pole Banners

Pole Banners (also known as street banners and boulevard banners) are double sided signs that can be used indoor or outdoor. They are typically held in place by rods, in which they are slid on through Pole Pockets. Double – Sided Scrim is the most common material used for Outdoor Pole Banners, but it may also be used for Indoor Banners. Pole Banners are often displayed on outdoor lamp posts or street posts. You might also find them inside of your local mall or other indoor shopping strips. An image can be displayed on each side of the Pole Banner, and you can choose to display two completely different images if desired. A pole banner in a high traffic area will be seen by many viewers and could lead to more prospects. Depending on size and color, they can be seen from far distances. Height is key when hanging a Pole Banner. If it is hung too low, then the Banner may only be visible for a brief moment; enough time for the potential customer to pass. If hung too high, then you run the risk of the Banner being too difficult to read. A Sign must grab attention at a glance and require little effort to quickly read and store the information.


Some Questions to Considering when selecting a Banner:

  • Will my banner be inside or outside?
  • How long do I need this banner to last?
  • How far away will people be when viewing the banner
  • How do I want to Hang my Banner? (from the ceiling, wall, fence, etc)
  • Do I want a message on both sides?


Durable and highly cost effective, banners are an excellent way to promote your company’s brand, special event, or sponsorship program. Take advantage of our six-color printing and use colorful graphics to make a big splash.  SpeedPro NW Raleigh is your source for custom banners in Raleigh, Durham and Cary. We are conveniently located just 1 mile from I40 and Aviation Parkway in Morrisville, NC.

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