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Custom canvas gallery wraps and Giclee canvas prints add an artistic look to business interiors.  Canvas photo prints are effective at reducing noise levels, making them an excellent choice for professional offices, restaurants and stores. We provide high-quality, canvas wraps at affordable prices. Canvas prints of digital images and original art establish a creative mood in any indoor space. Our state-of-the-art printing processes, combined with fade-resistant inks, provide full-color, museum-quality art to any interior space.  We can easily print your photo canvas in custom sizes so your  pictures have the look the artist intended.

Turn your photos into gallery-quality canvas art prints. Call today, and let our expert staff advise you on the many canvas print options available:

  • Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints
  • Giclee Canvas Prints
  • Great Big Canvas
  • Extra Deep Canvas Gallery Wrap

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GALLERY WRAPPED CANVAS IS IN STYLE.Image of an arrangement of stretched gallery canvas prints, installed in Morrisville, NC.

Gallery wrapped canvas prints offer a stylish, alternative to traditional framing.  At SpeedPro, we gallery wrap our canvases to create high quality, affordable canvases with exceptional fit and finish.  Standard artist stretcher strips are about 3/4″ deep and provide a great format for smaller prints and those that are placed into frames. For larger prints, we recommend a heavy duty stretcher that is about 1.5″ thick. This offers 2 distinct advantages; look and longevity. The thicker frame balances a larger print nicely and completes a visual effect. More importantly, the thicker stretcher bars form a more rigid frame to resist the warping and bending standard bars experience when not mounted in a frame. We can do a variety of edge border styles like mirrored edge, image wrapped edge, blurred edge, or a solid color edge.

Image of a giclee canvas print, installed in Chapel Hill, NC.GICLEE CANVAS PRINTS ARE FINE ART REPRODUCTIONS.

Artists and painters consistently choose our company for reproductions of fine art. If you are a photographer who needs canvas photos and wants a gallery-quality service to showcase your work, we are the canvas printing company for you. Giclee canvas wraps are the perfect way to showcase your artwork. Our Giclee canvas printing services feature your full photo or image printed on artist quality acid free canvas.  Our inks are full-color and resistant to fading to ensure high-quality products. The canvas is wrapped around the sides of the wood stretcher, and then it is ready to be exhibited as wall art. Canvas prints can also be displayed in an artist’s frame.


GREAT BIG CANVAS PRINTS MAKE BOLD STATEMENTS.Image of large word cloud canvas wrap, installed in Durham, NC.

As a leading custom printing company, we cater to the needs of design professionals through our print reproductions service. We print and stretch canvas in a large variety of custom-size frames, including oversize prints over 10 feet long! Need a bold way to make your canvas display pop off the wall? Ensure that your artwork gets noticed with the 2 ½” extra deep gallery wrap.



  • Image Wrapped edge – a classic gallery wrap with the margins of your photo image printed on the sides of the frame. When considering this design, keep in mind that when your canvas print is viewed from the front, details at the very edge of your photo will not be in view.
  • Mirrored edge – your entire image shows on the front of the canvas, while the outer borders of your photo are copied, then flipped to produce a mirrored effect, and printed on the edges of the frame.
  • Blurred edge – the outermost pixels of your photo are stretched lengthwise along the sides of the frame, creating a blurry look. Meanwhile your photo is fully visible on the front of the framed canvas.
  • Solid color edges – A bold strip of black or white is printed along the edges of the canvas. Monochrome photos can be wonderfully enhanced by this style.


The Mystique Around Giclée.

SpeedPro produces high quality art prints on either canvas or poster paper. Giclée is an obsolete term for high quality digital prints. Today, there is a wide variety of definitions on what a Giclée print is. Please see below for more detail. Speedpro offers high resolution prints using long lasting UV resistant inks.

Giclée is a name created in the early 1990s for digital art prints made by using a specific digital printer, inks and substrates.  In that time frame, there was no equal in print quality.  All the items used in the original Giclée printing process have become obsolete.  Giclée was never a patented product or controlled process.  As technology has moved forward during the last 30 years, better quality prints are available for a much better price.  Today, the term is loosely used to describe art prints made on digital printers.

There are many ways to make high quality art prints in 2020.  SpeedPro NW Raleigh has 3 ink systems that are all durable, fade resistant and offer excellent resolution.  All our inks are permanent and will not be damaged by water, like traditional water-based inks, a key advantage.  We use only state-of-the-art equipment to achieve excellent image quality. All our art canvas prints are printed in the standard 4 color (CMYK) color space.

For canvas prints, we use acid free archival canvas and a Latex ink system.  This is an aqueous ink that cures to waterproof surface and offers an excellent resistance to fading and UV light.  On paper media, we use an eco-solvent ink system that offers even better fade resistance than the Latex ink and is also unaffected by water.


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We strive to be the reliable partner that our clients turn to for all their signs and graphics needs. At SpeedPro, we understand what your brand means to you, and we are here to print solutions that promote your brand and enhance your decor.  Look through our Portfolio and discover our commitment to quality, value and service.  SpeedPro NW Raleigh is your local source for custom gallery wrapped canvas prints for your business.  Call today and see how you can enhance your office decor with canvas prints, wall murals, and other indoor office signs. 855.451.9734

Located in Wake County, NC in the Heart of the Triangle (I40 and Aviation Parkway), SpeedPro Northwest Raleigh serves clients throughout Wake, Durham, Orange, Chatham, Johnston and surrounding counties. While the local businesses we serve are in Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Morrisville and RTP, we serve many businesses throughout North Carolina, the United States, Europe and other global locations. Our team is always ready to listen and offer insight into your next large format print project. If you’re ready to take your imaging to the next level, contact SpeedPro NW Raleigh today.

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