Digital Wallcoverings vs. Painted Mural

OCTOBER 14, 2019| SpeedPro NW Raleigh

Wall murals (aka wallcoverings) create ambiance.  They inspire.  Transform any space with stunning colors that bring your space to life.

Whether the wall graphics blaze your brand through a commercial space, or soften the walls in the home you reside, there is one choice you are certain to face in your re-design efforts:  wallcovering or paint? The decision is even more challenging when it has to be unique, custom, and without flaw. Here are a few things to keep in mind when comparing the options.


Digital Wall Paper and Murals

Custom printed wallpaper provides a durable and unique look that complements the other interior furnishings and fabrications. The greatest advantage is that these are digitally created, which guarantees that your vision is an exact reality. A mix of color and pattern provides highlights that make a room breathe, bringing the dimensions and design of each interior object to life. Elegant finishings create a depth and a natural texture, adding a unique beauty to each wall surface. Custom printed wall murals are never limited in themselves, only by your imagination.

Painted Mural

Paint is a limited medium for wall surfaces. It often lacks the depth, texture, and clarity of a digital print. It is typically monochromic, providing only an overt backdrop for the design of the space. You are greatly limited to the talent of the painter or muralist, and the final result is never a certainty.


Digital Wall Paper and Murals

The color and texture of custom printed wallcovering are consistent across the entire surface. Occasional nicks and scratches are virtually hidden within the beauty of the design and finishing. With limited maintenance and UV protection, digital wallcoverings will stay vibrant and maintain a clean, fresh, fade-free look for years.

Painted Mural

Painted walls cannot hide the scuffs, stains, mars and discolorations that often occur in hallways, offices and public spaces. The only solution to these issues is repainting which is inconvenient and costly. The life cycle of a painted wall is a mere fraction of the durability of vinyl wallcoverings. Frequent painting will keep the costs high and the space in constant disarray.

Ease of Application

Digital Wall Paper and Murals

With no distinct odors and limited clean-up, custom printed wallcoverings can be installed during normal business hours. Wallcoverings can better compensate for imperfections in a wall or substrate, hiding nicks, scratches and other minor defects. Materials can always be ordered to the exact amount and, when needed, surplus can be stored for a long period.

Painted Mural

With noticeable fumes and the disorder that it creates, painting can literally close an area for an extended period of time. Often times, the work will need to be done during off-hours, leading to expensive overtime. Neither latex flat nor gloss paints can hide minor imperfections in the wall, and this can lead to greater repair expenses. Paint has a short shelf life and must also be purchased in quantities that may be greater than needed amounts. Because of the frequent need to repaint, these expenses, health risks, and personal discomforts are repeated time and time again.


Digital Wall Paper and Wall Murals

Solid, custom-printed wallcovering will protect walls from most soiling materials. Stains can be removed easily from vinyl surfaces with a mild detergent. Scrubbing will not diminish the color, texture, or beauty of solid, custom-printed wallcoverings.

Painted Mural

With flat, latex paints, many stains will become permanent if not removed immediately. The painted surface can actually absorb soiling agents into its surface. While gloss or semi-gloss paints offer better cleaning characteristics, these protective finishes can be removed during scrubbing leaving a coating that lacks uniformity and visual appeal.


The total cost of digital wall paper and murals is significantly lower than maintaining a painted mural.


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