Feather Flags

Feather <span>Flags</span>

Feather flags make great advertising and marketing tools.

Outside a business: Using marketing flags outdoors is an exceptionally sound strategy. Flags outside a business are impossible to miss and a feather flags’ cheerful colors and tailored messages can quickly draw clients in.

At a fair or festival: Feather flags are ideal for use at a fair or festival. Their bright colors and dynamic motion will fit right in with any festival atmosphere. Tall, vibrant feather flags are the perfect way to make sure your business does not get lost in a crowd of similar-looking stalls.

With a booth: If your business has a trade show booth at a convention, you can use feather flags there to make it stand out. Since they are so light, portable, and easy to assemble, feather flags are easy to transport to a one-day event.

With a promotion: If your business has a sale or special offer going on, using feather flags to advertise to the public helps to spark people’s curiosity.

At an open house: If your real estate agency is holding a big open house, feather flags will help make the location stand out.

At a grand opening: If your business is just opening, or just opening a new location, what better way to advertise to new clients than with bold, fluttering feather flags? Feather flags are large enough to be seen from far and wide and can convey a clear and appealing message.

Outdoor Feather Flag for SpeedPro Northwest Raleigh
Outdoor Feather Flag for Mad Science, Cary

Feather Flags feature durability and wind resistance.

Colorful branded feather flags provide high visibility for your marketing and help associate your business with vibrancy and whimsical appeal. Our Feather Flags have the following benefits and features:

  • Custom design options: Feather flags are fully customizable. They come in different heights — ours range from seven to seventeen feet. And our custom printing allows you to turn any graphic or message into an attractive feather flag for all to see.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Though feather flags are high-quality products, they are incredibly affordable. Feather flags are an excellent option that works with any budget.
  • Portable-Lightweight construction: Feather flags are extremely portable.  Their lightweight construction makes them easy to transport and install.
  • Minimal space requirements: Feather flags are tall, so they offer a tremendous amount of surface area and visibility for your printed message. But because they are slender, they have a tiny footprint. You can squeeze feather flags into tight spaces, like a strip of grass or an unoccupied corner, without impeding foot traffic or crowding your space.
  • Easy assembly: Feather flags are supremely easy to assemble. All you need to do is to slip the fabric flag over the flagpole and secure it in place.
  • Eye-catching appearance: Feather flags are vibrant and attractive, and they cannot help but draw the eye.
  • All-season durability: Feather flags are weatherproof in standard weather conditions. It does not matter if it’s raining, snowing or sleeting or if the sun is beating down — feather flags can endure all temperatures and weathers.
  • X-Base Optional Upgrade:They come with a variety of bases; displayed outdoors using the spike base, but can be used inside or on pavement by using the X-base.

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