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Magnet Care

JULY 6, 2020| SpeedPro NW Raleigh


Vehicle Graphics

All our vehicle graphics and magnets are durable, washable, and removable.  They will not damage your car, truck, or van or its factory paint. However, to ensure the durability of your new vehicle magnet, it is important to understand how to properly care for it.

Here are a few tips to improve the life of your car magnet.

Before Attaching Magnet

  • Never bend or fold your magnet, as this may result in permanent damage. The magnet must remain completely flat. Bends or bubbles in the Magnet may allow air to lift it from the surface of the vehicle.
  • Ensure that the surface area of the vehicle is completely free of dust, dirt, grease or other contaminate. A dirty surface will hinder adhesion.
  • Your vehicle must also be dry before attaching the magnet.
  • Be sure to apply a good quality car wax to the area of the vehicle where the magnet will be placed.

Applying Magnet

  • When applying your car or truck magnet, be sure not to cover body moldings or extend the magnet beyond the contours of the vehicle.
  • Magnets will not adhere to irregular or highly curved surfaces. The surface must be flat.
  • The magnet must be flat against the surface, with no air pockets, bubbles, or edges of the sign raised off the surface.
  • Keep in mind that magnets will not adhere to vehicle surfaces that are of non-metallic composition (i.e. fiberglass, high-density plastic, etc).

Cleaning and Storage of Magnet

  • To clean your new magnetic sign, use a wet soapy sponge and wipe gently.
  • Do not immerse the sign in water or take it through a car wash!
  • High temperatures may cause your magnet to warp or deteriorate. Do not store it inside a hot car.
  • To properly store it, place your magnet on a flat smooth metal surface, and keep it in a cool place!


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