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New Year, New Trade Show Season!

DECEMBER 23, 2019| SpeedPro NW Raleigh


Trade Show Displays

The New Year is swiftly approaching, and with that comes wonderful, new, and exciting things to start planning for. What I’m talking about is… the Trade Show Season!

The Trade Show Season starts around February and lasts ‘till about May. So with January right around the corner, it is wise and pro‐active for any exhibitor to begin their planning process for upcoming shows of the New Year.

Trade Show Preparation and Planning

In addition to supplying trade show graphics, signage, and displays, we do our best to help our customers with the preparation and development phases for their shows. We try to make things a little easier and less complicated by offering suggestions, tips and tricks, and sharing our vast arsenal of expertise and knowledge on trade show planning and exhibition. We can speak with you about everything from the 3 Second Rule (You only have about 3 seconds to attract the attention of trade show attendants), what kinds of booth graphics and displays are the most effective, to pre- and post-marketing strategies that will help you get the very most out of your show, as well as help track the return on your investment!

We also have a very important and useful tool called our “Trade Show Planning Timeline,” which is essentially a full timeline on what we suggest your planning activities should be from the beginning to end of any trade show. Our customers have found this tool to be extremely beneficial, by helping to keep their actions organized, on schedule, and on budget. We offer this tool free of charge for anyone that we work with.

We also offer trade show consultations, absolutely free of charge. Just come by our studio and talk to us about your upcoming show, your thoughts and plans, and any questions and concerns. Just something to think about as you start to wrap your brain around the next trade show you will be a vendor of.

SpeedPro NW Raleigh is your source for custom trade show displays in Raleigh, Durham, RTP and Cary. Please visit our Trade Show Displays page for more information or call us at 919-460-6013 to learn more about our products or request a quote.

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