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The Advertising Race: Vehicle Wraps Continue to Win (Part 1)

NOVEMBER 11, 2019| SpeedPro NW Raleigh


Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle graphics are moving advertisements that are creative and impactful. Full wraps and partial wraps on your utility van or box truck work 24/7 to get your business noticed!

The average American spends over 600 hours a year in their car, and vehicle wraps are a fully-integrated and prominent element of the road that people inevitability notice and see (whether they consciously decide to or not). With the significant decrease in consumers watching TV commercials (due in part to the creation and popularity of things like YouTube videos and online streaming media sites), companies have begun to look elsewhere for unique ways to advertise and get the word out about their business.

Vehicle wraps have become an appealing and effective advertising solution for businesses across the world. One big reason being that customers just can’t escape them! You see, there’s no “fast‐forwarding,” “deleting,” or “turning off” a vehicle wrap you see driving down the road. Sure, you can just not look at/pay attention to it, but a clearly thought‐out, well‐designed wrap should make it pretty hard for you to ignore—and the good ones should downright demand your attention!  I’m sure you have seen at least one or two impressive and eye‐catching wraps that stick out in your mind, am I right? Which proves my very point… The fact that you remember them still (no matter how long ago it was that you first saw) is quite a testament to the long‐lasting impact and impression that a good vehicle wrap can have, don’t you think?

Don’t cruise off too far—come back next week to continue reading about “The Advertising Race!”

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