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Tips for Effective Trade Show Booths & Displays

FEBRUARY 3, 2020| SpeedPro NW Raleigh


Trade Show Displays

While eye-catching retractable banner stands and tension fabric displays are sure to grab attention at a trade show, there is a lot more to a successful exhibit than just putting up a great pop up display. You need an effective strategy entering your show, excellent execution at your show, and proper measurement after your show. Enhance all aspects of your exhibiting process with these tips!

Quality counts.

Have powerful, clearly designed graphics. Make sure they are high-quality, so they look good when printed in large-format. You only have three seconds to capture a prospect’s attention, so the image quality really counts! Get new graphics if the existing ones are worn or shabby.

Get to the point.

Limit your message to the key points. Prospects will not take time to read a lot of text on your display. You need to convey the benefits of your product or service as simply as possible.

Go big.

People equate size with authority and bulk with credibility. Fill as much of your booth space as possible with show-stopping graphics that create the perfect atmosphere. You want to maximize both space and visual impact to create a space that attracts everyone to your location.

Go tall.

Increasing height is a viable way to make your display seem larger. While most venues have a limit on how high you can build your display, be sure to use as much of that space as you can. Also, ask the organizer if you can go even higher!

Add light.

Lighting increases the attractiveness of your display by about 30%. Lights can be added to most displays, even retractable banner stands, to increase the visual impact of your exhibit.

Add movement.

The human eye is drawn to movement. Adding motion to your display catch the eyes of potential clients as they walk down the aisles.

Highlight benefits.

Make the benefits of your product or service obvious to the audience.

Be inviting.

Design your space to be inviting to the prospect. Avoid putting anything between you and the prospect, including tables. You need to be able to talk with prospects face to face. Don’t sit unless talking with a client who is also sitting.

Consider the whole space.

You may need a table, kiosk, stage, and/or lighting to complete your booth.

Use color.

Colors send messages, so make sure you have the right colors selected to make your product appeal to your client. Cool colors, like greens and blues, show professionalism but may not generate much interest. Warm colors (e.g. red, orange, and yellow) attract attention but need to be limited, as they can be too strong or convey the wrong message.

Be interactive.

If you can get your visitors involved in a demo, do it. They will remember you and the products better because they have engaged more of their brain. Either a discussion or getting hands-on with your product will facilitate this process. They will be more likely to believe your claims as they have experienced these themselves.

Practice, practice, practice.

Train your staff, and have them practice. They need to know your products, services, and benefits, as well as their specific roles in the booth.


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