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ADA Signage in Chicago

To run a successful business, you should focus on more than just making money. You need to consider the environment you’ve set — not only for your customers but also for your employees. After all, if your staff members don’t enjoy the work they’re doing, that negative vibe will damage your entire workspace mindset. For success and longevity, remember that creating a welcoming and accessible environment for all with ADA building signage should be a priority.

SpeedPro Chicago understands the need to stand out, look the best and to be there for your customers. We feel the same, which is why we’ll make you and your design project a priority with a quick and efficient turnaround time. Call us today in the larger Chicago area to request an estimate for your new, accessible braille and ADA signs.

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What ADA Signage Options Are There?

Customizing professional ADA signage to brand your business while inviting customers in contributes to a welcoming business atmosphere.

Handicap parking signs are perhaps the most popular type of accessible signage. They reserve parking spots for physically disabled persons, providing them an easier and less exhausting way to get inside your building. You can choose signs made from aluminum that are planted into the ground while also selecting floor graphics to be plastered over your ground surface.

Another option for parking spots is to reserve some up close for expectant mothers. Pregnant women, especially on hot and sunny days, are discouraged from exerting extra energy as much as possible. By giving them priority parking, you can ensure that they have the opportunity — whether shopping or working — to save time and energy walking inside the building.

While outside, it’s also not a bad idea to make sure smoking and non-smoking areas are clearly labeled. For anyone with respiratory problems, walking into a building that’s surrounded by people smoking can be a dangerous and stressful time. Ensuring your employees know where to take their breaks and encouraging customers to abide by the rules provides a pleasant experience for everyone.

Braille signage is important to install around your building, especially in offices where there are many doors and cubicles. You want to ensure anyone who is visually impaired can still find their way around your building and not be impeded by closed or mislabeled doorways. Bathroom ADA signage is becoming increasingly popular too. You can find all-gender, unisex bathroom signs to allow anyone and everyone to use all available bathrooms. Doing so will give employees and customers the freedom to express themselves the way they want in a safe and secure environment.

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