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Throughout a range of industries, businesses in Chicago face a huge amount of competition on a daily basis. Chicagoland has nearly 10 million citizens, and your goal should be to impress as many of them as possible. You can get a long way with advertising and other signage options, but you’ll need to produce an office atmosphere that inspires comfort and confidence. Office graphics can achieve that and a range of other goals that will help to establish your credibility.

SpeedPro Chicago is open to helping you whenever possible, as our visual communication experts are well-versed in the large-format graphics industry. We can use our expertise and resources to help businesses throughout the Chicago metro area.

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What Kinds of Office Graphics Can You Choose From?

We’ve established ourselves throughout the local area as a studio that prides itself in producing next-level craftsmanship while maintaining the flexibility to keep you satisfied. Not only are we confident that we can handle any request, but we’ll do it on a quick timetable. It will all begin with a consultation, where we’ll discuss your requirements and recommend products from our expansive catalog.

When we’re finished, your custom office graphics will be the talk of the Midway, attracting countless new customers.

Here are a few different options that you can choose from when you work with us:

  • Digital signage: Screens never fail to draw attention in today’s world, and you can use that fixation to your benefit. We’ll convert your designs and messages into high-resolution digital files, which you can then display on monitors or TVs. These options can be swapped in and out at will, so you’ll enjoy a tremendous amount of versatility.
  • Directional signage: If your building features sprawling hallways or multiple floors, directions are vital. Utilize custom diagrams and directories to point out essential areas as well as people of interest.
  • Retractable banner stands: If you need a marketing tool that’s effective and portable, you’ll find that retractable banner stands are hard to match in terms of impact. Use them for seasonal advertising or promotions, as their compact frame allows for easy storage when they’re not in use. Their styles include retractable, telescopic and spring-back. The three available models are economy, standard and premium.
  • Window graphics: You can add completely different dimensions to your environment with custom window graphics. Use perforated films to form storefront displays, or implement frosted vinyl on doors and walls to create more privacy. Window clings are also available — if you need smaller elements that serve temporary purposes, we can print static window clings.

Other options that we carry include banners, floor graphics, elevator wraps, decals and acrylic work.

Trust Us to Create Your Corporate Graphics in Chicago

Contact us today, and we’ll find office graphics that fit your needs, beginning with a consultation. You’re also welcome to visit our studio, which is located on West Fulton Street on the Near West Side in Chicago.

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