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Floor Graphics in Chicago

Floor graphics, despite being below eye level, can be just as attention-grabbing and impactful as graphics that are adhered to your windows or walls. People tend to have a habit of looking at their feet while navigating crowded or unfamiliar areas. This behavior makes floor graphics the perfect branding choice for your business if you’re setting up for a corporate event or establishing any retail or sports-related company!

Consider the last shopping trip you took. Wasn’t there some kind of design printed onto the floor somewhere in the store? Whether footsteps guided you through the entrance or markers showed you which department you were entering, you probably noticed that stores tend to label the ground in areas that are prone to gathering crowds. The same can be said for sports stadiums — just think of the field itself or the pavement outside the stadium, filled with sponsorships and logos.

You can have this same eye-catching effect. If you’re interested in adding directional or promotional signage to your floor in your building or office, reach out to SpeedPro Chicago today! Our studio serves all companies and organizations located in the downtown Chicago area.

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Stunning Custom Floor Graphics

If your floor or surrounding pavement seems a little too bare for the eye to pass over, especially if it’s surrounded by blank walls, think about the power of custom floor graphics printing! Uniquely shaped graphics paired with our vivid inks produce a bold image and statement for anyone passing by.

Our unforgettable custom floor graphics provide you with the creative visibility your brand requires and the attention your business wants.

With floor graphics, your company can advertise in a variety of ways. You can design images and decals to portray specific, popular products. Using vinyl clings, you can print out current or upcoming offers for everyone to read. If you have a slogan or logo, we’ll print it onto custom decals for use inside and outside. Wherever you place these images, it can help reinforce and strengthen the recognition of your brand.

If you’re looking into specialized graphics, you’ll find that we offer matte and gloss finishing options to fully complete your look. These solutions can also help create an appearance that no one will be able to resist or miss. Let’s say you want to use a floor decal as a directional signage piece. Adding a gloss — and slip-resistant! — finish to this image will catch the eye and encourage people to look down at your new shiny graphic!

No matter if you’re looking for a temporary or permanent floor graphic, SpeedPro Chicago’s got you covered. The vinyl material that we use is already quite durable — once it’s paired with different adhesives, we can measure out how long it will stick to your floor. We can also help you determine sizing and shaping of your custom floor graphics. Sometimes bigger is better while in other spaces — such as rooms that are decorated with other signage options — you may want a small decal that assists the customer as opposed to grabbing all the attention.

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If you’re looking to make your floor figuratively and literally shine, install custom floor graphics today! Call our studio, and we’ll set up a consultation right away to begin discussing your branding needs.

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