Custom school mascot window graphics on high school windows above doors and outside of cafeteria.

Upgrade Your School Graphics This Summer!

JUNE 29, 2023| kaylar

Every fall, new and returning students flood grade schools and universities alike. But summer is the time when faculty and staff get a small break before going back to prepare campus for the students’ return. Every summer, educational establishments around the US update their marketing, host orientations or open houses, revitalize their campus’ experiential branding, commission school graphics and so much more.

Experiential branding refers to any marketing efforts that seek to create a experiences with the target audience. Experiences are shaped by our surroundings, so it’s important to consider a space’s atmosphere. For instance, a series of cheery welcome signage at your front gates provides a more welcoming experience than no signage at all.

School Banners

Banners are among the first pieces of branding a visitor will see. Many schools hang banners on light poles, on the sides of large buildings and even along walkways. When printed with engaging, branded content, banners can inform, influence and inspire your students’ campus experience.

Pole Banners

Many large schools with multiple parking lots or walking spaces use pole banners to promote scholastic activities, celebrate awards the school has won or display simple messages such as “Welcome” or a photo of your mascot or motto.

You can also use pole banners to indicate parking lot numbers or different sections of campus. For instance, your main campus might boast scholastic awards, general images of the student body and recruitment graphics, while your technology campus (or buildings) might showcase various clubs, images from the computer lab or new programs of study.

We hang pole banners using single or double-sided hardware sets. These sets come in different widths, but can be adjusted to any height on the pole. If you have these pieces of hardware already, we can hang the new banners without worrying about ordering new hardware.

Welcome pole banners on Anderson's campus.
Hallway full of hanging sports banners at Furman.

Hanging Banners

Hanging banners are just that – banners that can be hung anywhere. They’re great for any use: team sponsor banners; specialty event banners; general student life images; giant hanging banners on the side of your front-most building; and so much more!

As our most cost-effective banner option, hanging banners can be switched out as often your branding or marketing directives change. We’re able to print on double-sided banner material, single-sided material and even mesh. We put grommets in the hem or add pole pockets so you’re able to use whatever system you have to install.

Retractable Banners

A popular choice for tradeshows, events and indoor advertising, retractable banner stands have a sleek, professional finish that is sure to compliment your marketing message. The stands are also quick and easy to set up or transport.

Schools often use these banner stands in entryways or common areas to promote enrollment and introduce new courses of study. The banner is 80″h x 36″w, giving plenty of space for your design. The height is adjustable too, due to the stand’s telescoping pole system. While being tall, the stand has a base with a small footprint, allowing students and visitors to walk by without fear of knocking over the stand.

One of the best things about banner stands is the ability to switch out the graphics. If you order a stand from SpeedPro, we’re able to replace the banners with your updated branding. And, if your stand begins to have problems, bring it by and we’ll see if we can fix the issue.

Two retractable banner stands with photos of cargo and planes for GSP airport.

School Window Graphics

Window graphics are a popular way for businesses to advertise their products or services. For an educational facility, window graphics provide security as well as marketing real estate.

Entrance Window Perf

Custom school mascot window graphics on high school's athletics program glass covered entrance .

Window perf is a popular option for school entrances, namely because this material allows those inside to see who’s approaching the doors outside. The material has tiny holes that allow some light and visibility to come through. Despite the holes, you can still see the designed print well. Some schools also use window perf on interior windows to partially block visibility, while also displaying branding.

Often, these entrance graphics take the form of school colors or team names. For instance, if you’re putting perf on the entrance to your gymnasium, your school’s mascot or team name sprawled across the windows would be appropriate.

Theoretically, you’re able to see through to whichever side of the window is brighter. So, as long as your hall (or outside) is more lit than inside the classroom (or building), you’ll be able to see out but others can’t see in.

Solid Window Vinyl

Solid window vinyl is also a great option for school graphics. The only downside is you can’t see through. If your goal is to block visibility though, this is the product for you!

Solid vinyl displays a vibrant image on the printed side of the material, but the adhesive side is not printable. In other words, you’ll see the material’s grey backer from the inside of whatever window you choose to install the graphic. If you prefer your design to go both ways, simply duplicate the design and have it installed on the second side of the window.

Because solid vinyl blocks most light, some customers order custom cut vinyl. We’re able to custom cut our vinyl into shapes, patterns and half a window to allow more light through your glass. We can also custom cut room names or office hours in vinyl and apply those to your glass.

Interior window graphics of student life covering unused offices in USC Upstate's UCG space.
Full coverage frosted window film with logo cut out on conference room windows.

Frosted Window Film

Frosted window film allows the perfect blend of privacy and light. Our frosted film is an opaque, sparkly grey that is the same color on both sides and also allows plenty of light through. Many businesses and schools choose to use frosted film on office glass and as subtle branding throughout buildings.

Frosted vinyl diffuses light and obscures visibility. The material can be custom cut into patterns, lines, logos and just about anything. If your main goal is privacy but you’d like some branding, we can do a full panel of frosted with a small logo cut out. We can also print on one side of the frosted film, creating a subdued print while preserving the opacity qualities of the material.

Wall Graphics for Schools

Ah, wall graphics. The walls in your facilities offer untold opportunities for branding and showing school spirit. One of the most popular areas to display vinyl wall graphics is in the gymnasium where your goal is to pump up your athletes and fans. We also offer other types of wall graphics that are more dimensional and have a professional look about them.

Vinyl Wall Graphics

Wall vinyl is a conformable material able to stick to most surfaces (if your printer knows the right material to use for your wall type). Some vinyl can be melted into outdoor brick. Others are heated onto cinderblock. Our standard wall vinyl is semi-permanent, so if you’re looking for something removable, be sure to mention it!

Using vinyl wall murals and custom cut decals to brand allows you to keep your hallways and gyms free of wall protrusions that passersby can run into. And, we digitally print on our materials, meaning that anything your graphic design team can image, we can bring it to life.

Bereah High School motto wall graphic.

Acrylic Displays

Hallway shot of multiple acrylic displays of company's machinery.

Acrylic displays exude class and style. This glass-like material that shatter resistant and comes in a variety of colors and thicknesses. These displays often stand about an inch off the wall with the help of decorative, silver standoffs.

We can mount your artwork to the acrylic in a variety of ways. First, we can mount first or second surface. This refers to which side of the acrylic we put the graphic. First surface means we’ll install the material on the side of the glass facing away from the wall; second surface means we’ll install on the side facing the wall and the graphic shows through the glass.

We can also float the art or print your graphic edge-to-edge. “Floating” means we center the logo or image on the acrylic and the artwork does not touch the edges of the acrylic. More often than not, the art is within the bounds of the standoffs as well. An edge-to-edge graphic is just like it sounds: the graphic extends to the edges of the acrylic substrate. No one way is “better” than the other – the finished look is ultimately decided according to your preferences.

Gallery Wrapped Canvases

Canvases are an increasingly popular way to display your branding. We stretch your canvas print over a thick wooden frame, allowing the image to continue along the edge. The finished products are often found as decorative hangings, but with the ability to customize the prints, you can create attractive designs that fit with your specific brand identity.

Custom canvases can be found in common areas, reading nooks and hallways. Because we print everything custom, you’re able to design anything from an abstract pattern featuring your school colors to a 3-piece display depicting a full color image collage of student life.

Canvas print of a TBC testimonial.

Other Various Scholastic Graphics

In addition to making sure your campus looks good, make sure your school’s event graphics do too! For instance, you’ll want to make sure you put your best foot forward at open houses, orientations and recruiting events.

Table Throws

Table throws are a subtle and inexpensive way to showcase your branding in a variety of situations. You can go with a simple brand color and school name across the front of your throw. Or, you can create a repeating pattern design that crosses up and over the flat of the table. Our custom table throws have no limit on colors or patterns.

Feather Flags

Feather flags come with either an x-base or a spike base (depends on where you plan to use it). While you can’t add to many design elements on these flags without overcrowding the material, you can still use your school colors and big bold letters to direct and inform.


Need a temporary sign that’s easy to move, doesn’t take too much space and can be reused? An a-frame is the choice for you. Often called sidewalk signs, a-frames have a low footprint and can easily be set up on your sidewalk or in the grass. Most a-frames come with removable inserts so you can change out your graphics as needed.


Summertime is the best time for schools to refresh campus and host events. Now that you know some of the awesome ways to spruce up your school graphics, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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