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JULY 10, 2020| SpeedPro Pittsburgh North

Keeping signage updated and relevant is an important element in informing customers that your business is dynamic and on track.  Knowing when to update corporate signage properly is a skill important to the success of every business.

To lay the groundwork for your company to know when they should update their signage, you’ll need to be aware of factors like the general longevity of particular types of signs, the common reasons for updating, and how various updates can impact sales.


Determining how often to update corporate signage depends on a variety of elements, such as the type of material used, where the signage is located and the sign specifications. For starters, outdoor signage can last several years, especially  with finishing options like laminates and UV-resistant ink. When it comes to replacing signs due to durability, large outdoor signs are largely the target.

Determining when to update signage depends on a variety of elements.

Unlike outdoor signs that can last several years, indoor signs can last indefinitely, as they aren’t affected by wind, snow, rain and UV rays. Typically, indoor signage requires an update when rebranding with a fresh look are updated information.


Reasons to Update Signage [list]

To decide when to upgrade signage, be aware of the main reasons why savvy businesses decide to update. Consider the following popular reasons for changing signage:


Even with quality laminates and durable materials, signs often need to be repaired. A damaged sign distracts from a clean “open for business” mentality.

Damage to a sign can occur in the form of peeling, fading, rusting, chipping or vandalism. Whatever the cause of the damage, prompt replacement or repair is in your businesses self-interest.

To properly fix a sign, you’ll likely need to replace all of the damaged portions, which may require you replace it all. Replacing the whole sign is often a good idea, especially if your previous signage wasn’t outfitted with laminates, finishes and long-lasting material. The design can stay the same, but you can use newer or upgraded quality materials to make the sign last as long as possible.


Sometimes, companies simply want to update their look or brand. Part of accomplishing this goal is updating the look of your indoor and outdoor signage. Even if a sign hasn’t been damaged, change can be a good thing. A sign that’s been in place for a long span of time becomes forgettable.  The familiarity of your signage will subconsciously cause people to ignore it.

To recapture people’s attention, a redesign with vibrant colors, eye-catching graphics and a fresh message can bring your message to the forefront. Replacing the old with new graphics will break up people’s routines, causing them to notice your signage once more. This fresh set of attention will put your company at the forefront of consumers’ minds. To freshen up the signs without fully replacing them, consider investing in improved lighting.


A primary reason why companies update their signs is due to dated or incorrect information. As your business grows by expanding its reach and the products it offers, your signage will need to reflect those changes as well.

An outdated sign can misrepresent your company and displease customers. For example, customers might come to a store or restaurant because of a sign advertising something specific that is no longer offered.

Additionally, information like a company’s website, social media account or phone number can sometimes change, making it hard for clients or customers to reach your business.

Correcting outdated information ensure people know what to expect and can reach your company quickly. In addition to improving satisfaction and making it easy for people to reach you, correct information on signs improves your credibility among your target audience.


Sometimes, you might find signage isn’t pulling in enough new business or representing your company in a way that makes people want to find out more.

There are a variety of reasons your sign may not be attracting attention. An unappealing sign can be affected by its design, size of text or obscured imagery, among other issues. Whatever the reason, an ineffective sign won’t be driving business to you or piquing the curiosity of viewers about your products or services. If you suspect your sign is underperforming, it might be time for an update.

Draw more people to your business by updating with eye-catching graphics, making the sign larger or expanding the text size to be more noticeable. If you already have a large enough sign, you can try to choose more vibrant colors, engaging graphics and appealing images. Another strategy might be to research your audience and craft a targeted message to appeal to consumers’ pain points.


When companies are new to advertising and design, they often make the mistake of trying to fit as much information as possible onto their signs. While it’s a good idea to give potential customers or clients information about what you do, too much text or competing images making the sign visually overwhelming.

If you determine a sign is cluttered, it’s best to go back to the drawing board and redesign the sign, with simplicity and readability in mind. If you’re not sure what to get rid of and what to still include, let our design expert help. Regardless of what information your industry tends to include, the same principle will apply — less is more.


Another main reason companies decide to update their signage is to increase visibility. Visibility issues consider placing the sign in an area where a tree, building or another object doesn’t obscure the line of sight.

One of the primary ways that visibility can be fixed without having to replace your sign totally improve night time viewability.  Try placing spotlights near the sign so the sign remains visible through the night. Lights can also help make it easier to see the signage in inclement weather.

For a more extensive upgrade process, you can design a new sign to replace the old one that incorporates backlighting or channel letters.


Signage is a reflection of your company. As such, an antiquated, out-of-date sign can make your company look like it’s stuck in the past and not keeping up with the latest trends. People will be less likely to work with a company they perceive to be outdated when the competition offers a more contemporary image.

An updated sign should attempt to modernize to show your company as an industry leader. Whether completely rebranding or simply updating a design, look into what the current industry styles, to find the best modern yet unique branding to represent your brand.


Fixing a small portion of a sign.



No matter what your budget is, SpeedPro can help you find the signage that will make your message pop. We have a team ready to help you update your signage. If you find you’ve identified with the variety of reasons listed above, let us help make your signage more visually appealing and effective.


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