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Custom Banners in Rochester, NY

Increasing your business’s visibility does not have to be a struggle. In fact, you don’t even need to travel far to make the impact. With custom banners, we can promote your business and brand in a visually stunning way in both indoor and outdoor settings.

If you work with a business in the Rochester or Buffalo area, we’d love for you to visit us today. Once we set up a consultation, our skilled team will work directly with you to learn more about your brand and how we can best enhance your image and grow your business. Let’s start working!

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When businesses and event coordinators are in need of stand out displays, they choose banners.

There are different types of vinyl used for business and event banners:


  • Calender vinyl: Calender vinyl is the traditional canvas-like base for printed banners. The base material is  “rolled” through printers to receive its graphics and lettering imprints. The result is a thicker and more rigid substrate ideal for flat surfaces or applications. Calender vinyl is known for producing general purpose banners that won’t need to be stretched or bent to be displayed.
  • Mesh vinyl: When the design of custom banners or signs calls for translucency, mesh vinyl is the solution. We provide mesh banners fashioned from perforated material bases great for two-way visibility window banners, fence banners, backlit-type banners and more.

Substrate choice is determined largely by installation area. Where the banner is mounted is the most critical factor in choosing the banner vinyl.


Custom Vinyl Banners to Easily Transport and Display Your Message

If you’re looking to enhance your business, certain characteristics need to be met. Our customers know that when we create our custom business banners, we focus on their versatile and durable integrity.

Our vinyl banners can be hung or displayed in a variety of ways. Some may be hung up with grommets to dangled from a lamp post. Others may be strung across a space with a pole, whether the pole is vertical or horizontal. No matter where you house it, the banner can switch between indoor and outdoor settings. If you normally hang it inside a gym, you can transfer it outside for the day if you’re holding an outdoor event.

The durability of our banners is a product of our vinyl material. Keep your banner in beautiful shape inside, emblazoned with our fade-resistant and vivid inks. If you’re going to be keeping your banner outside, you’ll be happy to know that vinyl can be protected from most weather conditions. We’ll also suggest using a mesh material on your banners if you’re worried about heavy winds. The mesh is strong enough that it can allow for up to 70 percent airflow — and, because of its versatility, it can be moved indoors if extreme weather is on the way!



We print our banner orders using only fade-resistant, full-color inks. We use eco-solvent inks to create high-resolution images in customizable shades and hues. Customers can rest assured that banners will be printed to match pre-existing color schemes or brand tones.


Custom banners are some of the first things people notice when they stroll down a street, step foot in your business, walk up to your trade show booth or enter a conference hall. By creating custom banner displays, you maximize exposure through strategically placed presentations that put your stamp on your space. Greater visual exposure reaps greater business rewards too:

  • Banners hung or placed in memorable vantages help strengthen brand recall or the likelihood that in today’s barrage of marketing campaigns and advertisements, your name stays top of mind.
  • Higher brand recall means a higher chance of lead conversion. Targeted prospects see your custom banners and more intuitively associate your name with the products and services they need in your industry.
  • At industry trade shows or other public events, custom banners are square one in curating a branded environment that draws foot traffic. At private functions, few other displays set the tone of the space to make it as memorable.



Vinyl banners are inherently customizable. Nearly every design feature can be tweaked and altered to your specifications, making the simple stand out and the stand out sublime. Features include the banner’s:

  • Size: We routinely prints banners in various impressive sizes. Dimensions can be altered based on your specified display type.
  • Colors: SpeedPro can use the full color spectrum to produce bright and bold colors that last.
  • Laminate: Banner laminates protect the banner while adding a unique visual finish. Laminates can range from matte to high-gloss sheens specified for indoor or outdoor environments.


Custom banners provide a strong, long-lasting way to display key business messages and make big announcements. Their base vinyl is fabricated for durability, plus it can come with a laminate finish for added weatherability, fade-resistance and waterproofing.

Many custom banners can last years when they’re displayed in appropriate areas. Even outdoor banners won’t see fading, spot or surface damage when they’re handled according to fabrication specs.

SpeedPro offers other features to bolster banner strength as well, including:

  • Reinforced grommet rings: Ensuring hanging banners’ grommet holes stay intact
  • Reinforced corners: For keeping canvas custom banners’ seams and most-stretched areas tear-resistant
  • Pole pockets: To neatly tuck aluminum poles into without rips or tears



Custom banners are a canvas suited for dozens of public and private environments. Wherever eye-catching, energizing displays are needed, creating custom banners is both appropriate and ideal. SpeedPro regularly designs and prints custom banners for:

  • Events
  • Trade show displays
  • Indoor and outdoor advertisements
  • Store or venue grand openings
  • Product or service launches
  • Special promotions
  • Seasonal sales
  • Welcome signs
  • Awards
  • Celebrations and parties
  • Holidays gatherings


How to Display Your Custom Banners

During our consultation, we’ll discuss your new banner designs and where you intend to house them. We’ll help you distinguish what aspects of your brand to emphasize and the best way to display your new visual graphic.

SpeedPro Rochester offers a range of banner types, like scrim, smooth, blackout and mesh. If you’re looking for short-term, temporary options, a scrim banners will be the best match. Their strength is reinforced by double layering as well as the way they’re hung — with grommets, a pole or string.

A blackout banner is perhaps our most durable option. These banners prohibit excessive light from shining through the material, making these the perfect choice for outdoor areas. They’re also great to display in banner stands because of their firmer structure.

If you choose to hang a banner, it will take either grommets or a pole. The weight gets evenly distributed with grommets, allowing your message or image to be displayed in perfect view. We’ll reinforce the area around the grommet rings as well so that wind and gravity will not weaken the banner’s material.

Contact SpeedPro Rochester for Stunning Vinyl Banners

When you request a banner through our studio, you’ll receive a high-impact design that’s a direct result of versatility and durability — and our wonderfully skilled team. Contact us to schedule a consultation if you’re looking for a new visual solution to expand your business!

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