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Retractable <span>Banner Stands</span>

Retractable Banner Stands in Rochester

Do you need additional colors or fixtures around your office? Have you been looking for new ways to share information in your reception area without bombarding your guests with excessive papers or updates? Maybe you’ve been trying to brainstorm new methods to encourage people to walk inside your building with the advantage of your outdoor patio setup. Are you interested in capitalizing on the large crowds of people walking along your sidewalk in the afternoon hours?

With custom retractable banner stands, you can capture the attention of your customers and share information. Alert people to changes in your business or advertise specific products or services you can offer. At SpeedPro Rochester, our team will work together with you to find the perfect elements of your brand to emphasize and share in a large display. Companies in Rochester and Buffalo or the counties of Monroe and Erie are encouraged to reach out to our studio immediately to begin the customization process.

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Retractable banner stands are made to contain your banner inside the hardware when the banner isn’t on display.  They are incredibly portable and the graphic stays safe inside the unit while travelling. Some other types of displays are lightweight and easy to move, but they don’t fully protect from damage. Carrying cases and bags are available to make transport even more of a breeze.


Whether a host or attendee, short setup times are in everyone’s best interest. The quicker you can the set up, the quicker first impressions are made. Retractable banner stands require no assembly other than connecting the supporting pole. Setting up retractable banners is a cakewalk, and taking them down is too.


Since retractable banner stands from us are made with durable hardware, you can expect your banner stands to last. While all our retractable banners are made with quality materials, on higher-grade models, you’ll have the benefit of stronger metal and higher-quality internal mechanisms, which makes these banner stands capable of standing up to heavy use. You can also expect the graphics to last, no matter what retractable banner stand model you choose.


How Can You Take Advantage of Durable Retractable Banners?

A popular and favored material at SpeedPro is vinyl, a product that’s both durable and flexible. Many of our banners are printed on vinyl, including those inserted into retractable stands. Fade- and UV-resistant inks ensure your design stays bold and vivid, brightening up your office area and capturing attention. When you place your retractable banner outside, the exposure to sunlight won’t change the high quality of your design.

Durable retractable banners are important for standing tall in a variety of environments. At reception, they can support your various messages without disappearing into the background of other visual elements. Promote popular products or services, share the news of upcoming sales or display essential alerts and updates about your company or building.

Custom retractable banners are also designed to be portable. You can use a carrying case that easily transports your retractable banner wherever you wish to set it up. Once you fold up and retract your display, you can move your banner from inside to outside or from one trade show to another. The setup process is easy and smooth, thanks to the spring mechanism located inside the base.

By combining durability and versatility, your custom retractable banner can actively promote your brand wherever you choose to display it.

One of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make is what type of retractable banner stand you prefer, but don’t fret. Our team will be ready to discuss the options with you and work through which ones work best for your promotional goals. We’ll then work quickly to make sure you can begin showing off your new designs as soon as possible.

Retractable Banners for Businesses in Rochester

SpeedPro Rochester specializes in the customization and build of retractable banner stands for businesses. Call us today to receive a free quote and schedule your initial consultation.

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