Acrylic Signs

Acrylic Signs

Acrylic is a versatile substrate that is used in many different types of displays. Acrylic signs and displays are made out of a multi-functional plastic sheet that comes with a glossy finish. If companies are looking for a display that looks high-tech and refined, acrylic is the way to go.

Appearance-wise, acrylic can come in varying translucencies and colors. Additionally, it can be produced in differing shapes and sizes, which makes it very easy to craft a creative display with it and makes it friendly to many types of marketing displays. It also goes well with backlights, spotlights, 3D lettering, and many other additional visual accessories.

Acrylic often serves as a substrate for signs and panels. Many companies enjoy hanging acrylic signs off of a wall, and others like to mount them on standoffs to secure them directly to a wall. Also, they are popular both indoors and outdoors, adding to their versatility. As acrylic products are often lightweight and durable, they are perfect for setting up outdoors and can resist the elements without cracking, fading, or chipping, setting them apart from glass, for instance.


To get the full picture of what acrylics can do for your company, you should take a moment to examine the benefits that acrylics bring to graphics. If these benefits match up with the needs of your marketing strategy and your graphics, you can be confident you’ve found a material that will fit into your overall aesthetic. Consider the benefits listed below:


Acrylic is one of the best materials you can choose for your large format printing needs. It acts as a versatile canvas for a variety of beautiful images, varied dimensions, vivid colors, and detailed etching. It even can be manufactured with different layers of transparency and is friendly to different lighting styles, like backlighting and spotlighting. Acrylic works for table signs, door signs, wall signs, and standalone signs. Whatever your company wants to do with a sign or display, an acrylic surface can make it happen.


You pass by acrylic every day, and you probably don’t even know it. Office parks, hospitals, banks, arenas, retail stores, restaurants, and many other types of buildings or developments use acrylic signage. Though you’ll often see it on the outside of buildings to advertise, it’s also used indoors to add visual appeal to any interior. Its common usage signals its high-quality results and the trust it has gained from companies.


Acrylic can work in almost any situation. When decorating the interior of an office or retail space, companies like to hang unique acrylic signage off of the wall, helping to set the tone for their space and deliver a visual experience like no other. Other companies enjoy acrylic’s ability to be cut into a variety of shapes or sizes, while also being able to be multi-layered, giving a sign or display some depth.

Since acrylic displays can be modified and adjusted to fit a company’s needs, a savvy organization that commonly interacts with clients in a set space, such as a retail store or restaurant, will use acrylic displays to set the mood for their space and to craft a targeted experience for customers.


Acrylic’s lightweight might indicate that an acrylic sign or project will not be able to stand up to the elements. However, this is far from the truth. Due to its lightweight material, acrylic signs and displays are easy to transport and convenient to install. Even better, this lightweight quality does not affect acrylic’s durability.

An acrylic sign will last longer outside than most materials like glass, wood, or metal. This outperformance of other common materials makes it a popular choice among companies looking to invest in exterior signage but that don’t want to have to pay for consistent repairs or replacements. Acrylic is prepared to handle the elements and will maintain your professional image year-round.


With any of your advertisements, you’ll want to portray your brand in a positive light and increase awareness. A poorly designed advertisement or display may cause people to ignore your product at best and form a negative impression at worst. Good design starts with a substrate that is conducive to creative designs and vibrant imagery. Acrylic provides this, and, as such, offers your company a leg up on designing a display that catches the eye of potential customers.

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