Dimensional Letters and Logos

Dimensional Letters and Logos

Dimensional Letters

Dimensional are another way to compliment signs and graphics and offer a great solution for any brand that wants to make an impact.  New England businesses turn to SpeedPro to offer a seamless brand experience indoors and outdoors that greets employees, customers, and guests.   Dimensional letters are perfect for businesses of all types, including your church, warehouse, medical facility or hospital, hotel, athletic facility and more.

What are Dimensional Letters?

Dimensional letters go by many names, including: raised letters and 3D letters. They are letters, text, logos and more, all created to add depth and engage an audience. Plenty of signs are effective while utilizing a simple two-dimensional sign panel. However, sometimes it will behoove you to utilize all three dimensions.

Why Use Dimensional Letters?

Dimensional letters are excellent and effective forms of building signage. The added depth of field of dimensional letters can convey a brand’s personality. Bold and impactful fonts speak to authority and professionalism. Fun and unorthodox fonts can make your business seem creative. Refined and measured fonts can make your business look more prestigious and sophisticated. You can use dimensional letters to identify your business or building or to brand the space inside a lobby.

Types of Dimensional Letters

If you wish to keep your 3D sign lightweight, your options include foam, plexiglass, PVC, and plexiglass on foam. If you would prefer a more substantive sign, you can choose cast-metal or polished brass to create a more auspicious look. At SpeedPro, we can help you decide what materials work best for your dimensional letters. We can also illuminate your dimensional letters, turning them into channel letters, if you would like.

Benefits Of Dimensional Signage

  • Attention-grabbing: The added depth of the signage will help draw attention when compared to standard flat graphics an letters. It’ll also leave a lasting impact if used in a unique and creative way. When choosing a location for your sign and letters, ensure it grabs attention by making it highly visible, in a high-traffic area, and showcase your brand colors.
  • Customizable: While a sign can be customized, dimensional signs and letters go the extra step. Choose between seemingly unlimited shapes and materials to create the perfect sign for your company. We also have a large variety of standoffs and other hardware to mount your dimensional signage with.
  • Professional: Consumers often make their purchasing decisions based on the look of the company. Having a clean and professional look will lead to a higher chance that you’ll gain a new customer. Adding dimension to that look will only increase those chances.

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