Banner Stands

Banner Stands


There are such a wide variety of banner options and materials that you can choose from, however there are some certain benefits that come along with retractable banner stands. These include:

  • EASY TO TRANSPORT: Retractable banner stands are very lightweight and most come with a fabric carrying bag. This makes it very easy to take on a plane or in a car without having to worry about a huge display.
  • COST EFFECTIVE: Custom retractable banner stands are very affordable as opposed to other display options. These will allow you to market your company’s promotions, messaging, and branding for many years to come without ever having to replace it if taken care of properly. Some stands are even designed specially so you can change out the graphics without having to purchase a new stand.
  • FLEXIBLE WITH SIZE: Some of the retractable banner stand options allow for height adjustments. So if you’re not sure how much space you’ll have or if you want to share some information at one event but not at another, you can lock your banner into place at varying heights.
Standing banner at tradeshow booth

Why Use Retractable Banner Stands?

Choosing retractable banner stands for your displays will provide a variety of benefits, including easy assembly and disassembly. When you arrive at your trade show, you can quickly set up your retractable banner stands and quickly disassemble your booth when you’re done. Retractable banner stands will also help you easily collapse custom banners into a protective base. Paired with our carrying cases that will be included with your banner stands, you can easily take your banners anywhere you need to go.

Retractable banner stands are also relatively inexpensive. We have different options for every budget, so you can get the stand that works for you. For example, if you have a tight budget, choose economy-grade stands. If you want to save long-term, choose higher-grade models that will stand the test of time.


Retractable banners offer varying sizes in not only the height but also the width. This is perfect for what we mentioned earlier about sharing some of the graphic at one event and hiding some content at another where you don’t pull the graphic up so high. This option also comes with a fabric carrying case as well as the adjustment poles. Here are the sizes available:

15.75″ wide x 69.37″ high

23.5″ wide x 69″ – 83.25″ high

31.5″ wide x 60″ – 83.25″ high

33.5″ wide x 60″ – 83.25″ high

36″ wide x 60″ – 83.25″ high

39.25″ wide x 60″ – 83.25″ high

47.25″ wide x 60″ – 83.25″ high

59″ wide x 60″ – 83.25″ high

If you’re not ready to invest in a full size retractable banner but you still want to make an impression, try a breeze tabletop retractable banner stand. This is a more subtle option but it still creates a stunning final touch to any tabletop display. This option is also even more lightweight and easier to travel with as the size is only 8.375″ wide x 13″ high.

SpeedPro Boston Metrowest

Boston has an energy and excitement all its own as one of the country’s largest and most influential cities. Whether your business is located in Boston, Needham, Newton or Cambridge, you need high-impact graphics to draw attention to your services and show people your capabilities. Getting a spark of interest can lead to new relationships that become steady business.

Boston-area businesses have many signage needs we can address. We begin by having a one-on-one consultation with our new clients to gauge your needs and see how we can engage your target audience. We work closely together from project conception to delivery to achieve your vision. See what SpeedPro Boston Metrowest can do for your business.

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Have you ever seen an elevator wrap and immediately felt drawn into the product’s story? We provide eye-catching graphics like this that tell people more about your business and why they should choose you. When you partner with SpeedPro Boston Metrowest, you can choose from so many creative and unique approaches.

Why You Should Select SpeedPro Boston Metrowest

Our teams create longstanding relationships with people who trust us to get the job done right. Clients return to us again and again because they love the work we do. We create high-quality graphics, and you benefit from displaying them. Other advantages of partnering with us include:

  • Quick turnarounds: We can finish your project fast to meet your internal deadlines.
  • Green techniques: We employ quick-dry printing processes and rely on latex inks.
  • Innovation: We embrace state-of-the-art technology to make your project more efficient.
  • Communication: We keep in touch through every step along the project pipeline.

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From full, partial or decal vehicle wraps that draw the eye to outdoor and indoor signage that directs people, our graphics make your business look good. Businesses in the Boston, Newton and Cambridge areas can contact us today to get a quote or request a consultation.

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