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Privacy Fencing

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Custom Printed Fence Wraps, Mesh Banners, Privacy Screen, and Vinyl Banners

If you aren’t using your fence for advertising, you’re missing out! SpeedPro delivers high-quality printed fence wraps to support your site advertising and signage needs.  Our products provide a clean look and excellent way to transform a boring wall or fence into a high-impact advertising real-estate.

SpeedPro has the right solution for your job or event site.  Mesh is made using a perforated film base which results in a translucent material perfect for creating flags and banners. Mesh will allow light and air to flow through the banner and also offer screening to disguise areas such as job sites striking visuals or just a plain color.  Mesh and vinyl banners and flags are perfect for outdoor events, construction sites, parks, storefront windows, and more.



Privacy fence colors


Mesh fence screens provide privacy and shade and can be used for a variety of residential and commercial applications. There are many names for this product, including:  privacy fence screens, mesh screens, and windscreens.  These types of banners are made of mesh material, which offers a barrier against the wind and sun while still allowing continuous airflow and some sight visibility into the space. These banners are ideal for construction sites, special events, home renovation, and more. They are easily attached them to walls, posts, and fences.  They are commonly installed on chain link fences to enforce privacy at athletic fields during sporting events or practices.

We also carry standard colors for privacy needs for fencing and other uses. These are more economical and can also be used with with custom printed privacy fences as well.


Banners are multi-use products that come in a variety of styles. Our banners are made from high-quality vinyl materials.  “Standard banners” offer solid vinyl, which lets limited to no air flow through.  These offer very crisp images to print and can be configured in a variety of ways to support long-term and short-term signage needs.  All banners can be attached to the sides of buildings, fences, ceilings and more.  Some other banner configurations include retractable banners, pole-mounted banners, telescopic bannersspringback banners and more.

You can get custom banners in a variety of shapes and sizes printed with vivid colors, graphics and text and choose between single-sided and double-sided mesh banners.



At SpeedPro, we print custom mesh and vinyl banners, both ideal for your job.

  • Vinyl mesh – Made from a perforated film base and has a semi-transparent look.  This comes in varying degrees of visibility blockage 80%, 85%, 90%, 95%.  The less blockage, the less crisp the printed graphic will be.  Mesh is ideal for when you have long runs, especially on fencing, to reduce the stress on the fencing caused by wind.  It is also great for when you want to keep airflow and some light or visibility where it will be installed.  Mesh also allows wind to pass through, creating less of a risk for high winds damaging the banner or where it is installed (e.g. fence).
  • Vinyl banner – This material is 100% visibility blocking vinyl and will have the most vibrant and crisp imagery and colors when printed.


There is no right or wrong answer for this!  You can go all mesh banner, all vinyl banner, or do a combination.  Give us a call, we’ll help you assess the right solution for your project.


Mesh vinyl signage products are useful for various types of events, buildings, locations and organizations. Some examples of uses for these mesh signs include:

  • Fence Screens at job sites and construction sites
  • Privacy fencing
  • Events
  • Building wraps
  • Parks
  • and more!


Vinyl mesh is an excellent material choice for a range of outdoor uses. It gives you a surface where you can print graphics, while the perforations create a semi-transparent look and prevent the wind from making your sign hard to read.

The experts at SpeedPro can help you select the right materials and products for whatever you’re hoping to accomplish with your signage. We offer a range of high-quality vinyl mesh banners, flags and event tents, plus a vast selection of other products. We print professional-looking graphics exactly to your specifications. As experts in large-format printing, you can count us on to deliver the results you need every time.

To learn more about how we can help you create practical, eye-catching signage or to get started with a project, call us today.

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