Reception Signage and Lettering

Reception Signage and Lettering


Signage and Graphics play an important in all areas of your office building, but it plays an especially critical role in your entry and reception area. This space is where clients, patients, customers, business partners, and employees gain their first impression of your office space and — in turn — your company as a whole.

In one survey, about 40% of respondents said their experience in a reception area or corporate lobby had negatively affected their perception of the company. No one wants their office to give off a bad impression, but some reception areas do just that. The good news is that a reception area can also provide a rich opportunity to form a strong first impression on guests. In addition to factors like comfortable seating and friendly receptionists, eye-catching and informative signs are key to a welcoming reception area.

SpeedPro Boston understands how to take this challenge on with any business, and we’ll gladly assist you with developing graphics that fit your marketing strategy and establish your professionalism. We’re partnered with the biggest large-format graphics provider in the nation, which grants us access to industry-leading materials and state-of-the-art printing technology. We’ll easily outpace the competition with high-quality graphics and quick turnaround times.

If you want to go with a popular option that consistently generates positive reactions, canvas wall art is the choice for you. We’ll take your preferred art and apply it to materials that come in a variety of sizes and fabrics, which include polyester, a polyester and cotton blend, as well as just cotton. Finishes include matte and satin.


Keeping a place fresh is important, but your signage should also benefit a person’s knowledge base. Perhaps above all else, signage should lay out the ins and outs of your building. Customers can grow frustrated with confusing hallways and unclear directions, which is a problem that you can solve with wayfinding signage. To help, we create diagrams, directories, and other identifiers that improve the flow of foot traffic and therefore reduce stress. You can mount these products to the wall, adhere them to the floor or place them in stands.

You can also select from digital signage, which will transform your messages and images into high-resolution displays that you present on the TVs and monitors throughout your office space.

You should always be marketing your company, which means selectively peppering your logos and slogans throughout your building to assert yourself. For example, you can create removable vinyl decals for walls and windows, which are highly customizable. We also offer similar options in acrylic and different metals, which add a three-dimensional flair. You can even hang banners or implement other creative accessories like table toppers.

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