The Benefits of Elevator Wraps and Decals

The Benefits of Elevator Wraps and Decals 

JANUARY 30, 2020| SpeedPro



That’s a wrap — an elevator wrap, that is! Why are these unique large-format prints gaining traction in the commercial design world? And where can you find elevator graphics printers to bring its exclusive benefits to your business? We’re unwrapping these advantages — and more — to custom elevator wraps and decals.

Why Wrap Your Company’s Elevators?

Consider the range of benefits when your business installs high-quality custom elevator door skins and decals.

Why Wrap Your Company's Elevators?

1. Surprise and Delight

Elevator interiors are notoriously bland. Basic paneling systems create a one-dimensional, boring interior many mistake as the default, with no room for customization or alternatives. 

However, today’s organizations don’t have to settle for off-the-shelf elevator paneling systems. Even convenient and cost-effective pre-made paneling designs can be reinvigorated with the surface-layer applications of wraps and decals. Surprise every rider who steps foot into your commercial elevator and leave them impressed with its memorable aesthetics

2. Deploy Savvy Advertising

Elevator rides present a unique marketing moment for your brand messages. Riders inside your elevator will be exposed to any advertisements or brand communications devised for its walls and doors. Unlike other advertising mediums, viewers can’t turn off, toss out or in any way discard these pieces of marketing content. They’re present as long as the ride lasts.

Use elevator doors, floors and wall panels to display event marketing, product or service pictures, brand messages, mascots, industry awards, local accolades, your connection to the community and much, much more.

3. Practice Audience Targeting

Since elevators are continually in use, they serve as a conduit to practice repetitive ad targeting — without any of the recurring costs. Specifically, that means placing your ads on the doors, walls and floors of elevators whose audience is most aligned with your company’s target demographics.

The same strategic demographic targeting works when renting your own elevator space out to display others’ ads. Unused elevator surfaces can be pitched to outside sponsors whose own customers frequent your space. As a result, you can quote more competitive rates and pocket a new, convenient revenue stream.

4. Continue Key Brand Visuals

Every corner of your office represents your brand. From the furniture in lobbies to the colors of your walls to the art hung in hallways, aesthetics can convey just as much about your organization as its people and products.

Custom elevator graphics ensure that professionalism and personality carry through even in unexpected places. For organizations that frequently interface with clients in-house, such as law firms, healthcare organizations and hospitality businesses, elevator door wraps and skins replicate your brand’s visuals, color schemes, graphics and more right where customers will see them. Plus, a bland or run-down elevator interior sets the wrong impression — something every business needs to avoid regardless of industry.

5. Make Your Space More Memorable

The more memorable your physical stores, offices or commercial spaces, the more memorable your business name. That name then becomes the first one popping into potential and current customers’ minds when they need services or products like yours. Even something as small as elevator door decals create a dynamic commercial space a cut above the rest. These are viable, relevant graphics for the vast majority of industries today, not just a select few.

6. Better Spatial Maximization

Elevator aesthetics are often an afterthought — if remembered at all — during commercial renovations. However, after a business invests so much time, money and effort into making a space its own, it’s a shame to leave something as functional as an elevator behind.

Custom elevator graphics make sure every corner of your establishment conveys the brand reputation you need it to. Better yet, you already have the canvas in place, for your own branding purposes or to rent out those walls and doors to outside ads.

7. Increase Ad Recall Rates

Elevator rides present a unique opportunity to capture attention and connect with viewers. Indeed, graphics can even work as a positive distraction within a crowded elevator ride or in the sometimes awkward one-on-one ride with a complete stranger. Brand messages, graphics and narratives give everyone a neutral visual to pay attention to. In such a small space, those visuals become the natural focal points, organically drawing attention rather than shouting for it.

8. Brand Every Corner

At its core, branding helps set your organization apart from competitors. It triggers an emotional reaction in audiences as well as a mental one, with people associating your brand with a specific set of traits or characteristics replicated by your graphics.

Adding wraps and decals to your elevator maintains brand cohesion and reveals the level of detail you pay to every corner of your space — literally. And because branding isn’t synonymous with advertising, you have more freedom to be bold, expressive, artistic and compelling without hitting viewers with a hard sell.

SpeedPro works with companies to create custom elevator panel, door and floor wraps displaying any of the following:

  • Beautiful large-format photography
  • Re-purposed artwork
  • Company values or mission statements
  • Humorous or quirky messages fitting your brand personality
  • Unique patterns, prints
  • And more

Components of Elevator Graphics

Elevator wraps come in full or partial designs customized for your specific branding needs. SpeedPro studios are equipped to print both wrap types, as well as any arrangement of decals or graphics for your elevator’s ultimate aesthetics.

  • Exterior door skins: Covering the outside face of your elevator doors, exterior doors skins stretch corner to corner, creating a full spread across the entirety of a door’s outer surface. Since they face riders as they await an elevator’s arrival, exterior door skins make an ideal advertising template. Market your own products or services, or sell the space to local businesses to advertise theirs.
  • Interior door skins: Interior door skins face inward, displaying graphics, brand messages, event advertising, icons and more to riders within an elevator cab. Like exterior doors graphics, these pieces naturally draw riders’ eyes while inside the lift, strengthening brand reputation and recall.
  • Cab body wraps: Cab body graphics wrap an elevator’s interior panels. These panels serve as an intuitive blank canvas and are often relegated to boring materials and shades that do nothing to promote the space. Set yourself apart from the pack with custom-designed, professional-grade interior elevator graphics that breathe new life into dull rides.
  • Elevator door and floor decals: For specific messages and stand-out spot graphics, you may also opt for custom elevator decals. These sticker-like pieces can be designed for floor or door application, narrowing a viewer’s focus straight onto the image or text you wish to highlight.

Get Custom Graphics for Your Elevator Doors and Interiors

SpeedPro’s nationwide network of studios is one of the few G7 Master Qualified printers in the industry. If you have ideas for better using the walls, floors and doors of your elevators, reach out. Our print experts are ready to help translate those elevator graphic ideas into reality.

Get custom graphics for your elevator doors, find a SpeedPro studio.

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