Owner Spotlight: Learn About Littie Brown and Karen Brown

FEBRUARY 18, 2021| SpeedPro

Generations of strong, hardworking ancestors instilled a mindset in Littie Brown and Karen Brown to work hard, care for others and make an impact — in their business and community. The co-owners of SpeedPro Marietta honor and reflect on their ancestors during Black History Month. And while Littie and Karen are not related, they see eye-to-eye on how they can reflect on their past, and the month that celebrates the contributions of African-Americans.

SpeedPro Marietta staff (left to right): Marc Washington, Littie Brown, Niki Winters, Karen Brown, Coy Hackett, III.

Littie Brown has roots out of Bellville and Sealy, TX, small towns outside of Houston. Even though she claims Texas as home, she was a military brat who lived all over the country and abroad. Her family championed education and pursued educational efforts, even when Blacks were not allowed to get the same education as others.  When no schools were available in their town, Littie’s mother and aunt were sent away to attend school. Their parents wanted to ensure their daughters received a quality education.  Because of the sacrifices her parents and grandparents experienced, Littie has always been motivated to accomplish her own goals and dreams.

Ancestry is very important to Karen Brown’s family.  Her past, on her mother’s side, traces back to an African tribe. Her family spent decades doing research and they honor this heritage every two years with a family reunion.  Karen’s father’s side of the family has ancestors who were born into a slave environment in the same town where she was raised — Sparta, GA. Records indicate that her great-great-grandfather, Ned Brown, was born a slave.  While he was not able to receive an education, Karen was the first one of her immediate family to graduate college and received her B.A. from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

To them, Black History Month is a time to reflect and learn about the accomplishments of African-Americans.

“It gives everyone an opportunity to learn about the contributions of African-Americans, and it also makes me think more about my family history,”

said Karen.

Donated mural produced by Karen Brown.

Littie and Karen are very involved with their local church. And as Karen thought about her history more, she wondered how she could impact her local community. Karen worked with her church and donated huge murals of prominent Black icons and organizations, spanning from famous Black athletes and activists to the Divine Nine, well-known Black Greek organizations.

“This gives young kids at our church an opportunity to see the amazing accomplishments of Black people,” said Littie. “It’s also a nice SpeedPro donation!”

Not only are they involved with their local church, but Littie is also an active member of the Black Sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. for 45 years. She currently holds an office in the local AKA Chapter, Rho Zeta Omega. Littie is also a Silver Life member of the NAACP.

As owners of SpeedPro Marietta and prominent figures in the Marietta community, Littie and Karen do everything they can to provide a comfortable setting for those who want to learn more about Black History.

“Ask those questions! Listening is important, you’ll get the right answers if you ask. And the best way to learn is by building relationships,” said Littie.

“Google is your friend. Like me, I had to research all about the prominent Black figures — if you want to learn, go do it! Ask questions, research and be open,” said Karen.

SpeedPro is proud of Littie and Karen for leading their team to success. With their incredible entrepreneurial spirit, hardworking attitudes and passion to make an impact, we appreciate their commitment to their community and to those around them.

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