Design Tips for Delivery Truck Wraps

Design Tips for Delivery Truck Wraps

MAY 13, 2021| SpeedPro

Delivery truck wraps are some of the best marketing devices you can use to improve brand awareness and let more people know about your company’s services. Knowing how to design a delivery truck wrap that stands out from the crowd and clearly communicates your message to viewers is key to bringing new customers or clients to your company. A great delivery truck wrap will reflect your brand in the best way possible and make your business a household name wherever you operate.

If you want to take your vehicle wrap design to the next level, find out more about what delivery truck wraps are and the primary tips you can follow to design an effective wrap.

What Are Delivery Truck Wraps?

Like any other kind of vehicle wrap, delivery truck wraps are designed to improve a delivery truck’s appearance and raise brand awareness about a company. Some of the best delivery truck wraps are made out of customizable vinyl you can outfit with brand-friendly graphics and imagery. These wraps can be incredibly valuable, as they help your company market itself while drivers are taking your delivery trucks from one location to another.

You can often see graphics on food delivery trucks, as these trucks are constantly on the road on their way to deliver food to their customers. Since these trucks are always on the go, the wraps can advertise your company all around town while your driver goes about their workday. You can also see delivery truck wraps used on flower delivery trucks, furniture delivery trucks and various other delivery vehicles.

The Top 7 Vehicle Wrap Design Tips for Delivery Trucks

If you want your delivery truck wraps to stand out and raise your brand’s profile, you can follow a few primary design tips. By knowing these tips, you can ensure your vehicle wrap communicates the message you want to get across to viewers and looks its best. Additionally, it’s important to avoid some of the common pitfalls that some inexperienced designers fall into so your wrap doesn’t blend in with the crowd or confuse viewers.

Take a moment to review these seven primary tips for the design of vehicle wraps:

1. Take Pictures and Size Up Your Truck

Before you start designing your delivery truck wrap, take a moment to measure the truck’s key areas, such as the bumpers, roof, rear, sides and hood. You’ll also want to take pictures of the vehicle, ensuring you shoot it directly and not at an angle. Once you have these pictures and measurements, you can upload them into your design software to begin the design process. The measurements and pictures will help you craft a design for the truck’s layout, fitting it perfectly.

2. Evaluate Your Marketing Needs

While it can be tempting to jump into immediately designing your vehicle wrap, it’s crucial to take a step back first. Successful vehicle wraps often come from companies with a clear idea of what they hope to accomplish with their wrap and the key ideas they want to communicate to their viewers. Before you start crafting your vehicle wrap’s design, ensure you know what your core brand is and what message you hope to get across.

3. Start With Your Core Brand

When you design your vehicle wrap, you want to make sure it’s crucial your final product matches your company’s core brand. You want people to know who you are and what you can provide them. Anything you design should reflect your core brand and match your other marketing strategies, so potential customers and clients will immediately recognize your wrap while out on the road. Ensuring you use your logo and other on-brand graphics and colors in your design can help your delivery truck wrap be as effective as possible.

4. Keep Copy Short

As you design your delivery truck wrap, remember that most of the people who’ll see it won’t be able to look at it for long. Since delivery truck wraps are primarily mobile advertisements, the copy needs to reflect that. People aren’t going to have much time to review your wrap’s message, so it’s important to keep your messaging short and sweet. Additionally, ensure your copy is in a large enough font so viewers can easily read it.

Eye-catching designs help viewers remember your message

5. Utilize Eye-Catching Designs and Colors

Like the principle behind keeping copy short, a good vehicle wrap will catch the eye quickly with bold colors and designs. While your driver is in traffic or stopped at a light, you want people to notice your wrap. An eye-catching design can help viewers take in your message quickly and remember it long after they’ve seen it. Delivery trucks typically have a lot of space to work with, so you have plenty of opportunities to make your design stand out.

6. Don’t Overcrowd Your Wrap’s Design

Keep your wrap’s design simple. People will only have a few seconds to see your wrap, so you want to get your message across right away. When a delivery truck wrap has too much text, imagery or competing designs, a viewer is less likely to understand your message. The best vehicle wraps usually focus on one main message a viewer can quickly digest from seeing it for only a couple of seconds. Avoiding cluttered designs and noisy backgrounds can help you highlight your core message on your delivery truck.

7. Use Visual Communication Wisely

One of the best ways to show what your business does is with imagery. Some companies like to place photos on their trucks, vehicles and more to creatively advertise on the road. And while photos are visually pleasing, it’s important for viewers to associate your brand identity with the portrayed image. For example, a roofing contractor’s vehicle that includes a picture of a house can be confusing to viewers, as they could interpret it as advertising a landscaper, window installer or a building company. Instead of just using photos, use text, along with photos, and your company logo so your message is clear.

Choose SpeedPro for Your Delivery Truck Wrap Needs

As the nation’s largest network of studios specializing in large format graphics, SpeedPro can handle your delivery truck wrap needs. We regularly provide vehicle wraps to companies interested in growing their brand and bringing more business their way. We customize our delivery truck wraps to your truck’s dimensions, and our SpeedPro experts can help your company during the design process to ensure your wrap stands out. We offer everything from window coverings and spot graphics to partial vehicle wraps and full vehicle wraps.

If you’re interested in high-quality delivery truck wraps, reach out to your local SpeedPro to learn more about how we can help and receive a free quote.

Choose SpeedPro for your delivery truck wrap needs

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