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How to Transform Distracting Open Offices to Elegant Private Spaces

OCTOBER 31, 2023| DillonShane

As companies continue transitioning from the complexities of post-pandemic work/life, fostering employee engagement and cultivating a welcoming office environment remains a top priority. This shift back to in-person workspaces severely accentuated the reality of open-office floor plans; that open-office layouts are bad for employee health, morale, and even the frequency of face-to-face interactions (which decrease by up to 70% compared to cubicle layouts).

This is due to the feeling that open-office floor plans often fall short of providing a sense of privacy and personal space, leaving employees feeling exposed and distracted. In this environment, boosting morale and productivity requires a thoughtful approach to design.

With SpeedPro, we are experts in crafting and installing bespoke elements that not only reduce noise but also carve out intimate spaces within expansive floor plans. Utilizing custom noise-canceling signage and vibrant wall murals can vastly transform barren office spaces into havens of inspiration and comfort, striking the perfect balance between openness and personal space – and improving your organization’s morale and productivity in the process.

The Open Office Challenge

The open office, once hailed as the future of workplace design, is under careful scrutiny. Its pitfalls are becoming increasingly apparent: noise pollution, lack of privacy, and a one-size-fits-all approach that leaves many yearning for a personal touch. Having workers return to the office has only intensified these issues, as employees seek spaces that support both focused work and collaborative environments.

Creating Acoustic & Spatial Privacy

The key to addressing these concerns lies in redefining the spatial and acoustic landscape of the workplace. Utilizing specialty signage that absorbs sound, SpeedPro specializes in integrating noise control measures that work in harmony to dampen the din of the open office. From cutting-edge noise-cancelling materials to strategically placed sound-absorbing panels, our solutions are designed to create an acoustically balanced environment for your workers.

During this process, we can also work with you to design signage solutions that create spatial privacy through strategic installations throughout the open office – creating “pockets” of privacy without having to renovate the entire space and deal with the hefty costs and logistical nightmares that quickly follow.

Active Noise Cancellation

SpeedPro begins with a comprehensive noise assessment, pinpointing the unique challenges of each workspace. By involving employees in the process, we ensure that the solutions we implement are in tune with their needs. Active noise cancellation offerings, including ambient sound systems and personal noise-canceling devices, could be utilized to provide immediate relief from the office buzz. However, this approach isn’t comprehensive enough to create a final solution; more work is needed to implement changes that don’t require active maintenance.

Passive Noise Isolation

Beyond active noise management, SpeedPro’s passive noise isolation techniques redefine the open office landscape. We design zones tailored for concentration, collaboration, and relaxation, using modular and customizable signage installations. These range from stylish room dividers to cozy desk partitions, all available in a variety of colors and textures that will enhance your office aesthetic.

Reaping the Returns of Workplace Well-Being

The return on investment for privacy solutions extends far beyond noise reduction. By creating a workspace that respects individual needs, companies see a surge in employee satisfaction and productivity levels. This holistic approach to office design can also lead to higher retention rates, as employees feel more at ease and valued in their work environment – all for a fraction of the cost of a full office renovation.

SpeedPro: Your Partner for Open-Office Signage Solutions

As the concept of the office space continues to evolve, SpeedPro remains at the forefront of designing environments that adapt to the changing needs of a dynamic workforce. By prioritizing privacy and engagement through our custom signage, we help you design workplaces that are not just functional, but also inspirational and inviting. As we embrace the future of work, be sure to work with your local SpeedPro to help you turn the open office into a space where privacy, comfort, and productivity thrive.

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