SpeedPro's CEO Paul Brewster interviewed by PR NEWS in article titled "An Overlooked Aspect of Your Communications Strategy"

SpeedPro CEO, Paul Brewster, Interviewed by PR NEWS in “An Overlooked Aspect of Your Communications Strategy”

JUNE 16, 2023| SpeedPro

In an era dominated by digital marketing, PR professionals often overlook the profound impact of physical spaces in their campaigns. This interview by PR NEWS, written by SpeedPro’s CEO, Paul Brewster, highlights that while digital platforms – especially social media – have been the go-to for PR messaging, there’s a growing shift in audience attitudes. Notably, Pew Research indicates that 64% of Americans feel social media has negatively impacted the U.S., with Gen-Z, a key demographic, reducing their social media usage since 2019. This shift underscores the importance of the ‘last mile’ in marketing – the tangible spaces where PR messages truly come alive. Whether it’s through attention-grabbing billboards, immersive visuals, or locally-tailored campaigns, physical branding offers a tangible, memorable experience that digital platforms can’t replicate. As brands strategize their next campaigns, integrating these physical elements can enhance brand recall, foster deeper connections, and ultimately, drive brand loyalty. Dive deeper into these insights by reading our CEO’s full interview below:

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