SpeedPro: Six “Secret” Services You Should Know

JUNE 20, 2023| SpeedPro



Everybody recognizes the value of a secret. And you can discover some at just about every business nationwide: from Disney World in Florida (the ultra-exclusive Club 33, with its private lounges and top-shelf liquors) to the famous secret menu at In-n-Out Burger in California (locals like to order it “Animal Style,” with grilled onions, extra pickles and extra spread).

At SpeedPro, we are marketers’ best-kept secret. We also have a roster of capabilities and services that complement our well-recognized strengths in large-format printing: head-turning signs and banners, window decals and clings, trade show materials, vehicle wraps and other quality printing solutions. Here are six “Did You Know?” services that make SpeedPro your all-needs printing partner:

Silicone-Edge Graphics

For trade shows, retail shops and many other environments, silicon-edge graphic frames have a perimeter sewn with silicon beads, which are used to attach the display to a portable aluminum frame. This kind of framing system offers a crisp, high-performing sign without a single wrinkle, one with vivid quality and no glare. With options like single- or double-sided printing, silicone-edge graphics are cost-effective, portable, easy to install and durable.

Dye-Sublimation Fabric Printing

This is a revolutionary printing process that uses heat and pressure to transfer an image from a special film onto fabric. Working best with synthetic fabrics like polyester, it renders vibrant, full-color images that are durable and long-lasting. In contrast to screenprinting and vinyl imprinting, where the design sits on top, dye-sublimated printing allows the ink to be absorbed into the fabric.

Eco-Friendly & LEED-Qualifying Signage

Want an Earth-friendly branding solution? SpeedPro offers wall and floor graphics that are sustainable, recycled, non-toxic and low-VOC. These provide the same benefits as standard wall coverings, such as durability, easy installation and high-quality printing. We can also make products from materials that comply with the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credit qualifications, which are used to rate buildings for environmental friendliness.

Art Gallery Prints (Canvas)

The elegant and textured aesthetic of canvas lends itself to art gallery settings, as well as offices, retail stores and events held both indoor and outdoor. Canvas is a particularly useful material for creating stretched-gallery wraps. We carry several types of canvas: some made of cotton, some from polyester or a blend of cotton and polyester. You can show off your custom imagery on this versatile and naturally durable material, rendered in virtually any dimensions.

Routed Signage

Custom-shaped routed signs bring depth and dimension to settings like office lobbies, storefronts and hiking trails. These can be cut from a variety of materials: wood (for a rustic, natural grain look), acrylic (lightweight and durable), PVC (can last decades outdoors), aluminum (clean and modern) and high-density urethane (weather-resistant, can be made to look like wood when painted). SpeedPro can help you choose the right size and shape, with options like a routed border and backlighting.

Cardboard & PVC Furniture

For trade shows and other events, SpeedPro can create cardboard and PVC furniture that’s transportable and cost-effective. Reusable and disposable furniture is perfect to seat exhibitors and visitors and to display promotional materials and product samples. Our tabletops and stools are lightweight yet sturdy enough to support hundreds of pounds, and can be customized with monochrome to full-color logos and other types of designs. At SpeedPro, our goal is to print anything on anything.

For any project that your business needs, reach out to SpeedPro. Our network of professionals are here to help with any project no matter the type of signs or graphics that you may need. Reach out to one of our local studios by find a studio via the link below.

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