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SEPTEMBER 19, 2022| SpeedPro of Denver


Vehicle Graphics

Leverage Your Vehicle to Generate Leads!

We create colorful, movable billboards for companies of all sizes. Using decals, a partial wrap or a full wrap, we can thoughtfully design, print and install memorable images and key messages on anything with a motor that moves.

Do easy and fun research to think about what content and how much to put onto your moving billboard. Simply using your phone when you’re sitting in traffic, snap images of all vehicle graphics that are around you—all sides of the vehicle including the tailgate/rear and hood if possible. Making it easy to capture your phone number and URL or QR Code with key messages with a quick shot on their phone should get your phone ringing! Our experienced designers consider the size of the vehicle so visually you end up with an interesting design even on a small vehicle.

Proven Effective through Industry Research

The Outdoor Advertising Association of America reported in 2018 that out-of-home ad revenue rose 1.2 percent to a record $7.7 billion – eight consecutive years of growth! There are lots more stats to read about right here:

We’ve put graphics on sedans, trucks, freightliners, box trucks, VW bugs, boats, bicycles, Zamboni’s, a mailbox and animal transportation crate! This is the SpeedPro Denver owner’s truck that is a partial wrap. If you can work with the color of your vehicle, you can start with decals or a partial like this one.

Great. Big. Graphics. It’s what we do. Contact us today to talk about how you can leverage your moving billboard to the fullest! We provide free estimates and will come to you or pull up to our colorful store front anytime. Call 303.426.4199, email or visit to connect with us. To see and read about countless print jobs we’ve done, check out our Studio News, read some glowing reviews and browse our impressive, extensive portfolio!

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