Why follow the yellow brick road? Because it visually pulls you in!

FEBRUARY 13, 2018| SpeedPro of Denver


Floor Decals

Create your own yellow brick road to . . .

. . . get booth traffic at a trade show

. . . pull in retail customers

. . . direct traffic in a movie theater

. . . welcome guests to your lobby

. . . route marathon traffic with colorful mile markers

. . . steer your event traffic to the right hotel meeting room

. . . entertain hockey and basketball fans

. . . designate safe zones in a manufacturing plant, print shop or any industrial setting

. . . differentiate your booth at a street festival

. . . brand the schools’ gymnasium with the mascot to promote team spirit

. . . create visual interest at the local recreation center

Floor and street graphics are engaging, fun and can be used for the long term or for that one day event. SpeedPro Denver can design, print and install your custom job. We can also remove your graphics–fast and affordably. Here are just few examples of floor/street printing we’ve handled:

Great. Big. Graphics. It’s what we do. Give us a call at 303.426.4199, email or visit to talk about your large format print jobs. We provide free estimate and will come to you. To see and read about more print jobs we’ve done, check out our Studio News, read some glowing reviews and browse our impressive, extensive portfolio!


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