What Is Fabric in Printing?

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Fabric is a general term used for a cloth material commonly made from yarn, cotton, nylon, wool, silk, or other threads. Manufacturers form it from a continuous strand of textile fibers or filaments, both natural and synthetic, and use it to create clothing, accessories and furnishings. While cotton may be the material of our lives, the most used type of fabric in printing is polyester or some type of polyester blend.

In large format printing, we use a dye-sublimation process to customize our materials. This method enables the print to stay vibrant longer. We also use a variation of stretchy and stiff fabrics depending on the use of your graphic.

Because of the fabric’s versatility, we can customize the material to fit your specific signage needs. Interior or exterior, free standing or wall mounted, we have a solution for you. Our fabric  print applications give your business a polished, high-end, finished look to your marketing displays.

When the graphic gets dirty, simply throw the dye-sublimated material into the wash! Fabric printed for outdoor use is typically coated with a waterproof substance to help keep the material resistant to the elements. This does make cleaning more difficult, but who really expects outdoor signage to stay pristine 24/7?

Dye-sublimated fabric is well-suited to long-term installations and event signage you plan to use repeatedly. Most fabric displays require minimal effort during setup and take down. The displays often come with carrying cases or bags, making them easily portable. When finished, you can fold the graphic and carry it to and from events with ease. With fabrics that stretch over frames, you don’t even need to worry about wrinkling.

Some Uses Of Fabric In Printing

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