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JUNE 11, 2020| SpeedPro Innovations


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When it comes to selling cars, the competition is fierce with so many dealerships located close to each other on auto row. Big, vibrant and creative exterior signage is one of the best ways to grab the attention of consumers shopping for a new vehicle. Interior signage is critical, too, as experience weighs significantly in purchasing decisions.

1. Catch Their Attention from the Street

The Leith Automotive Group in North Carolina did an effective job utilizing exterior and interior signage to raise sales by 30 percent at its Volkswagen dealership. The group hired the SpeedPro studio in Apex, NC, which transformed drab floor-to-ceiling windows into a colorful, eye-catching display.

Studio owner Mark Simmons, who has teamed up with other dealerships in the state, created a floral tropical design that covered the bottom half of the windows with messaging that read, “Peace of Mind Pricing,” that popped against the pale blue background. He placed large hibiscus flower clings of different colors on the top half of the windows. The dealership not only stood out from others, but from the rest of the environment, too.

On the inside of the dealership, Simmons created signage that ran along the walls above the windows. The signage depicted surfers around an island with the VW emblem created with stones. The dealership emphasized the theme by playing reggae music and having employees dress in tie-dye shirts.

The tropical theme helped promote the image of Volkswagen cars as fun and lively.

2. Emphasize Brand Image

Interior signage can be used to convey the prestige attached to certain brands. An air of wealth and fanciness travels with cars in the Cadillac brand, for example. Drivers loyal to Cadillac probably would not appreciate a whimsical tropical theme at the brand’s dealerships. Instead, they’re looking for an environment that matches the car, one of wealth and refinement.

SpeedPro of East Bay in California helped a Cadillac dealership evoke the sophistication associated with the brand. On the offices’ interior windows, SpeedPro placed Cadillac emblem graphics. The window graphics look like the Cadillac wreath and crest had been etched in the glass.

3. Take the Edge off of Car Buying with Directional Signs

Car buying is typically a stressful experience regardless of the make, model and dealership. Consumers worry over pressure from sales people, haggling over price, finding the color you want with the features you prefer, financing and more.

But, dealerships that take the edge off the stress gain a competitive edge over other dealerships. And, it’s easy to do with the right signage. Buyers want to quickly and easily find the model they want and navigate their way effortlessly through the dealership building. Interior directional signage is a must for finding various departments, such as financing and service. Because car buying can be a long process, signs should clearly mark the customer lounge area and restrooms.

4. Signage on the Move

Dealership signage can be quite effective off the car lot, too. Hyatt Infiniti used vehicle wraps from SpeedPro, to promote the holiday shopping season by wrapping white SUVs and cars in red ribbon and bows with green gift tags that read, “Happy Holidays from Hyatt Infiniti.”

Not only did that generate goodwill and holiday cheer in the Canadian city, it also served as clever advertising that would appeal to residents considering buying a car as a Christmas gift.

To learn more about how SpeedPro can help you create impactful signs for your dealership, call or visit a studio near you.

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