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To succeed in today’s marketing world, you need to increase your visibility and range of exposure. Banners are a great tool for you, with the capacity to be used in a variety of settings and displayed in multiple manners.

When you want to add another feature to your business, reach out to SpeedPro. Our studio team in Lock Haven will discuss with you what you’d like branded and displayed on your banners to ultimately propel your business forward. Let’s start a new partnership today!

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Custom Vinyl Banners to Help You Get Seen

At SpeedPro, we value many characteristics as we take over the process of creating big, bold images. No matter if you plan to use your graphic only once or reuse it for several years, each project will be met with the same attention and respect.

We focus on creating large, impactful designs by enhancing their versatility and durability.

We create versatile banners to be displayed in a variety of settings. You can hang a custom vinyl banner in an extended hallway of your office and then move it outside to be hung from a lamp post for an outdoor job fair. Banners that are predominantly outdoors can also be moved inside to still be on.

display during extreme and harsh weather conditions.

Our banners are also made to be durable, ensuring a long lifespan. The material we feature is vinyl, a thicker yet light material, which is perfect to be printed on with our fade-resistant inks. We do not skimp on vividness of color, whether it’s a temporary or permanent banner. SpeedPro also offers mesh vinyl for any banners that you plan on hanging outdoors in typical windy environments — the mesh reduces the chance of rips and tears with 70 percent increased air flow.

Displaying Your Custom Vinyl Banners
Once in our consultation phase, we’ll determine with you the best banner type for your business as well as the area in which to display it. If you want to invite people inside, we’ll opt for some outdoor banners, whereas indoor banners can be great for keeping people focused and reinforcing your company values and goals to your primary customers.

SpeedPro Lock Haven offers a variety of types we can print on, such as scrim, blackout, mesh and smooth. Each of these offers its own benefits, which we will be able to discuss and narrow down in our consultation. For example, scrims are great for short-term signage, as they do not require maintenance for keeping them in shape. Blackout banners are nice as a display to be seen from both sides — a blackened material is set in the middle of the banners to prevent light and shadows from appearing through either side.

There are two options for hanging and suspending banners from above, in addition to just attaching to a wall. The first is grommets, which are the metal or plastic rings inserted in the seam that can then be hung with hooks. We will reinforce the area surrounding each grommet ring to ensure the durability of your banner. A second option is to include a pole pocket for a banner to slide through. This choice allows the banner to hang down evenly so that it doesn’t wrinkle or disrupt the reading of any text.

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With a specific focus on durability and versatility, SpeedPro can create the perfect banners to emphasize your brand and make a powerful impact on your business. If you’d like to liven up your building’s exterior or add some color to your office, contact our studio today! We’ll set you up with a consultation to begin discussing your newest visual solution.


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