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Do you need a new type of banner that’s adjustable to post in different areas around your office? Are you putting together a display for an upcoming corporate event or trade show and realize you need a visual, informative piece to tie your set together? Do you have a current banner that you love but want something a little more durable to situate in your lobby area? For all of these situations and more, a retractable banner stand may be exactly what you need.

At SpeedPro Imaging North Shore, we’re dedicated to supplying all of our customers with the exact visual solutions their brand requires. Professional, dependable and creative, our team of marketers and designers can determine the areas of your business that need the most attention and visually portray it through a custom retractable banner. No project is too big or too demanding for us to work through. If your company needs a new durable banner and you’re located in the greater Chicago and North Shore areas, contact our team today.

Why Should You Use Custom Retractable Banners?

The functionality of a retractable banner stand is due to the internal mechanisms that keep the banner open and stop it from snapping shut. The base of the banner stand contains a spring that works in tandem with the top crossbar of the stand. An adjustment keeps you in charge of expanding the banner to its full openness or retracting it closed.

By retracting and folding down, your banner can be transported from one location to the next. This quality makes it convenient for when you’re setting up at a trade show event and need to tear down and set back up the next day. Not only are these retractable banner stands easy to fold up and expand, but they’re also durable. The right combination of banner type plus outer frame can contribute to the environment and conditions a banner can be met with without breaking down.

A combination of portability, durability and versatility ensures your custom retractable banners can effectively share your brand with your customers.

The size of your retractable banner is up to you and your desired branded information. Your banner can be proportioned to fit on top of a table for an event or to sit directly next to your reception desk in the front lobby. No matter how big or small, your banner will always catch attention thanks to the vivid colors produced by our UV-resistant inks.

Unforgettable Retractable Banners for Businesses in Skokie

SpeedPro Imaging North Shore welcomes all design requests in creating a durable retractable banner for your business. Call us today, and we’ll send you a free quote based on your customizations.

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