Construction Fence Banners

Construction Fence Banners

Have construction going on and need to cover up the construction site? These construction fence banners are the perfect opportunity to turn wasted space into an advertising opportunity. We print large format graphics, especially large banners, and can create a customized solution for you. The materials used will largely depend on the type of fence/barrier you’re using. For example, mesh banners would work better on chain link rather than a solid wooden barricade.

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Process For Producing Construction Fence Banners

Adding custom printed banners to your construction fence is no small project. Thankfully we’re all about transparency and building a true partnership. To that point, we’ve expanded out what you can expect when working with our team. While the steps listed below may change slightly, the overall process remains similar.

Our process for producing construction fence banners


1. Fence Measurements

To start the process, we’ll need the measurements of the fence and the type of fence it is. The measurements will help us quote and produce the graphics for you while information about the fence will help us advise you on what type of banner would work with that situation. We also have the capability of doing a site visit if you would like our team to measure the graphics instead.

2. Artwork & Approval

We’ll need artwork before we can print your banners. The majority of our clients will send us graphics through email or through our file uploader on our website. If you don’t have artwork ready to go, just let our account managers know and they can have our design team work with you to create the graphics you’re needing. Once we have the graphics in hand, we’ll send you a proof with the artwork, measurements, and type of banner it’ll be printed on to approve. Once approved, we’ll hand over the graphics to our production team.

3. Printing & Finishing

After the graphics have been set up for our printers, we’ll begin the printing process. Our large format printers will produce banner at exceptional speeds and quality. Right after the graphics have been printed, they’ll be transferred over to our CNC router and the banner will be machine cut to the exact size it needs to be. If the banner needs grommets or any other finishes, our sewing team will take it and complete any remaining parts.

4. Installation

Once your construction fence banners have been produced, we’ll work with you to find an installation date that will work within your schedule. Our in-house professional installers are very effective and get the job done quickly so you can get back to your normal routine. For smaller projects, you can expect one to two installers whereas larger projects will need a full team.


Construction fence banners are a huge opportunity that can help you jump start a new business location, improve the appeal of the area, and increase security.


Why use banners on construction fences?List of construction fence benefits

  • Increased Safety: Construction fence banners will obstruct the view of people outside the fence. This will help deter thieves from stealing materials on the inside and will help keep unauthorized people out of the construction site. On the flip side, the crew will be more focused without getting distracted by what’s happening outside of the construction zone.
  • Show What’s Coming: During construction, many people won’t know what’s coming to the space. To improve the promotion and exposure of the business, banners can be used on the fences to inform those passing by. They can also have information targeted to potential tenants if the space isn’t reserved yet.
  • Beautify The Area: Construction isn’t always the most appealing, having something to block the view will help the overall look of the area. This is useful when getting off on the right foot with neighbors and the community.
  • Unique Space: Since construction fences are temporary, many people will notice when they’re up because construction fences aren’t normally there. Being able to convey your brand’s message at the same time that these people are looking will maximize the exposure of your company/organization.

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