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When you attend events, presumably you remember the fun and excitement. Sure, you were excited about the main event and the entertainment, but other elements contributed to that atmosphere. Sports games were hyped, there was constant music at a concert, conferences had games and trivia — the list goes on!

The reason for all of this excitement was likely in part due to the visuals surrounding you. Representations of the main highlight flooded the venue or arena, and other signage and graphics were there to make the event shine and feel like a fun place to be.

The good news for you? Corporate events can be just as fun! Even with professional affairs attached, there’s still room for excitement and entertainment. Custom event graphics transform the atmosphere of your event and create a memorable experience. If your business is located in or around Orlando, Kissimmee and Celebration and you’re looking to enhance your upcoming event, get in contact with SpeedPro Orlando today.

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Set Your Event up With Stylish Graphic Designs

To start our process, our team will discuss with you the particular features of your business that make you excel above the rest. We’ll ask questions to make sure our designs capture the brand you’re looking to enhance and promote. How do you want to be represented? Would you rather feature specific products or services? We’ll work to make it happen, whatever it is.

Our bold, striking designs and print solutions can dramatically shape your corporate event into a powerfully designed and successfully branded occasion.

Popular Event Graphics Options

Our studio offers a range of graphics for your event, including:

Wayfinding Signage

Directional signage will be an important feature for your event, both inside and out. Make sure your guests start the day off right by easily navigating your parking lot free of stress. This provision can help shape their first impression by making sure they don’t enter your building or venue with a hostile or upset mindset.

Inside, directional signage will give people the guidance they need to attend all the presentations and events they’re looking for. Guests won’t have to ask when something is happening or where a particular person will be presenting — or even where the bathrooms are!


Another great product for corporate events is banner signs of all shapes and sizes. Hang them around your event space to invite attendees to look up and around. Use retractable banner stands for presentations as well as greeting guests when they walk inside. Providing information about your business with brightly colored banners can grab everyone’s attention and emphasize the most crucial points.

Vibrant Graphic Design for Events in Orlando

If you’re looking to create an upbeat, exciting atmosphere for your upcoming corporate event, call us today to get started with custom graphic designs. Schedule a consultation to see where and how we can visibly brand your business.

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