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Vehicle Wraps in Orlando

Have you been trying to find a new way to promote your business outside the normal methods? You might be searching for a larger group or audience with people who don’t necessarily live in the two blocks surrounding your office building.

SpeedPro Orlando has the knowledge and skills in both marketing and design to help you out. A modern advertising method, vehicle wraps, can expand your brand’s visibility by customizing your vehicle with vinyl wraps. You can continue doing your promotional business even after leaving the office for the day.

If your company or organization is located around Celebration, Kissimmee or Orlando, our studio is ready to customize advertising materials for you! Reach out to our studio today, and we’ll get you rolling out in style in no time.

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Choose Your Perfect Vehicle Advertising Coverage

Our team at SpeedPro wants to help your brand reach a large group of people — far beyond what you could have ever expected. To get to this point, we can create colorful designs for your car. When you speed down the street with such a branded image, you’ll see people giving you two or three additional glances.

Our custom auto wraps launch your brand into an extremely visible space — make more than a hundred impressions per day!

SpeedPro Orlando offers the following options for custom vehicle advertising:

  • Fleet wraps
  • Full vehicle wraps
  • Partial vehicle wraps
  • Trailer wraps
  • Decals

Fleet wraps are designated for trucking companies and van delivery services that often send out multiple vehicles in one trip or service request. The effect is visually captivating — to see a group of large trucks barreling down a highway, all dressed and designed uniformly to match. Our designs get rolled onto the truck haul by sheets, repeated in a way to cover all areas until the look is complete. Whether you’re throwing on a visual image or large typography to feature your business, the outcome allows everyone to recognize you and your fleet.

Cars, SUVs and standard trucks then have the option between full and partial-coverage vehicle wraps. Both of these are designed and printed in the same way — the only difference is the amount of coverage you prefer for your vehicle. A full vehicle wrap will cover all flattened elements of your car, including your hood, roof, windows, side doors and back bumper. Partial vehicle wraps cover specific areas, whether that’s your side doors and windows or the front hood and back bumper.

Call for a Custom Quote on car wraps

If you have questions about the right coverage plan for you, don’t fret. Our design team will work with you in a consultation to understand your business and branding needs. We’ll work out which coverage will emphasize your brand in the best way. Call us today to begin designing your car with custom auto wraps!

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