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JULY 28, 2021| SpeedPro


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As lockdowns appeared and the pandemic spread, thousands of businesses closed, leaving commercial real estate more available than ever. Because these open spaces were vacant, it left room for companies to place storefront printed ads on windows. Storefront graphics are the perfect solution for advertising in busy areas. With lots of foot traffic, thousands of passersby and inexpensive land to place an ad, brands can heavily increase their ROI.

Storefront advertising, otherwise known as retail advertising, is the process by which retailers use ads to drive awareness towards their products to generate sales. Through advertising, a retailer attempts to influence its audience to take a specific action.

This special type of advertising is not just another promotion tactic, it’s a strategic trend that is propelling brands right in front of consumers. Even though the 21st century is digitally forward, it’s important to understand that a physical, visual experience can impact and begin a purchasing journey.

As businesses vacate their building, new ads arrive for a small fraction of what the location actually costs. According to the New York Times, businesses can pay as little as $500 for three-month stints in prime locations. As opposed to an outdoor billboard in comparable spots would cost $50,000.

Affordability is the main motive for this trend, and it also allows customers to have an up-close and personal experience with a company. Not only does it benefit the advertising body, but also the landlord. Advertisers repurpose these spaces to create a temporary revenue stream for landlords while they search for new tenants. According to AdAge, an installation can generate an average of $25,000 to $30,000 per month and the landlords share in that revenue.

Storefront advertising is trendy, forward-thinking and it allows brands to capture audiences in an easy, eye-appealing way. Many brands are moving toward this trend already. For example, RXR Realty in New York City activated available retail space, which has been vacant since 2015, and the current ad placed is for the rebooted “Space Jam” movie.

RXR Realty and advertising firms that are looking into this new trend saw the many benefits of window graphics and storefront advertising:

  • They’re flexible: Since the graphics are usually not difficult to remove or reposition, businesses can change them out frequently.
  • They support timely messages: Window graphics can function perfectly as temporary signage. They allow advertisers and brands to highlight specials and promote campaigns.
  • They grab attention: People are more likely to notice a business that has a sign or graphics on its facade. Eye-catching graphics can help turn heads on busy streets.
  • They’re cost-effective: As mentioned before, it costs a lot of money to rent a billboard. While window graphics and storefront ads aren’t free, they cost a lot less than other forms of advertising.
  • They improve appearance: Storefront ads mask any unappealing areas and vacant buildings. For example, The Korein family’s building in New York City, which is now empty, has graphics masking the windows and is promoting the HBOMax film, No Sudden Move.

This trend in marketing is beneficial, cost-friendly and does what an advertisement should do immerse potential customers into a brand.

Putting customers right in the middle of a company’s story is the reason why SpeedPro exists. Our team of wide-format printing experts helps other businesses grow with printed graphics. By increasing brand awareness and recognition, our team works with businesses to strategically place these branded graphics in high-traffic areas. See how SpeedPro can reimagine your storefronts by contacting us.

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